BAYSTARSチケットアプリ 3.4.0 [free]


● スマホチケットでらくらく入場
● 一緒に行く友達にLINEやメールで受渡し

● 試合やイベントをパッと確認


● ファンクラブの来場登録が自動で完了


※ 事前にファンクラブ会員IDでログインされていることをご確認ください。

● 対応端末について

推奨環境:Android 4.4以降
※ インターネット接続が可能な、090や080や070で始まる電話番号を持った通話機能付きの端末に限らせていただきます。

※ 一部非対応のスマホ機種もございます。

Easy entry with a smart ticket
Show the ticket screen of the smartphone and enter as it is!
● Delivery to friends going with LINE or e-mail
If a friend has an application, it is easy to deliver tickets.
● Confirmation of game and events
Confirm the game you care about on schedule! You can also go to the purchase page at once.
You can also check the results of the match and the events of the home game.
● Fan club visitor registration completed automatically
Just enter by using a smart ticket OK.
Fan club stadium visitor registration can check in without lining up on the day.
Just enjoy it!
※ Please confirm that you are logged in as a fan club member ID in advance. If it is not fan club member ID, visitor registration will not be done automatically.
● Supported terminals
The BAYSTARS ticket application will be dedicated to smartphones.
Recommended environment: Android 4.4 or later
※ I will limit it to a terminal with a call function with a phone number starting with 090, 080 or 070 that can connect to the Internet.
* Some non-compliant smartphones are also available.

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