UTM Geo Map 2.2.4 [free]


- Get Latitude Longitude, UTM WGS 84 & MGRS coordinates from GPS / Map in real time. Create marker / marking point and save coordinates data into database, copy all
marker data to clipboard or export to KML.
- Offline GPS with Latitude Longitude, UTM & MGRS Coordinates, Altitude, Elevation MSL, Accuracy, Speed, Bearing & Satellite Information.
- Convert Latitude & Longitude (dd & dms) to UTM (WGS 84) & MGRS vice versa. Share, save to database, save to clipboard or show results on the map.
- Batch converter from Latitude Longitude and MGRS Coordinates.
- Area & distance measurement (support units: m, km, ft, mile, hectare, acre), save line / polygon & area / distance results in database. Show multiple polygon and
line in the map, export line & polygon to KML.
- Sophisticated & customizable Line & polygon smoothing using cubic bezier interpolation in Area / Distance measurement, design for collecting linear data to use
in buffering & overlay analysis.
- Buffering: Create buffer map polygon with specific distance from existing marker or line & polygon from A/D measurement data. Save buffer to database or export to
- Buffer overlay tools for simple GIS analysis (union, intersection & difference).
- Search for location on the map based on Latitude Longitude / UTM / MGRS / GPS coordinates / Marker ID / Address.
- Calculate bearing & distance between 2 Latitude Longitude / UTM / MGRS / GPS coordinates.
- Compass with bearing.
- Geocoding & reverse geocoding (convert address to coordinates & convert coordinate to address).
Elevation (needs data / internet connection) now available to buy on premium section. Every marker measured and coordinate converter results (except batch converter) will
be completed with elevation data. Limited elevation data also available for No Ads Premium user.
Free option to get MSL elevation with lower accuracy are available using Offline GPS, this elevation is base on EGM 96 15' Geoid model.
Any suggestions are welcome, please email to [email protected] or write a review. Thank you.

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