Robotics Engineering 2.5 [free]


✴This Robotics Engineering App provides the basic know-how on the foundations of robotics: modelling, planning and control.✴
►The App takes the user through a step-by step design process in this rapidly advancing specialty area of robot design.This App provides the professional engineer and
student with important and detailed methods and examples of how to design the mechanical parts of robots and automated systems. robotics App emphasis the electrical and
control aspects of design without any practical coverage of how to design and build the components, the machine or the system.✫
►From the technical foundations to the social and ethical implications of robotics, the App provides a comprehensive collection of the accomplishments in the field, and
constitutes a premise of further advances towards new challenges in robotics.✫
►This complete guide takes an introductory approach to robotics, guiding user through the essential electronics, mechanics, and programming skills necessary to build their
own robot.This App is focused on geometrical models of robot mechanisms. Rotation and orientation matrix and quaternions. Pose and displacement of an object are
mathematically dealt with homogeneous transformation matrices.✫
►The App is a real walk through the fundamentals of robot kinematics, dynamics and joint level control, then camera models, image processing, feature extraction and
epipolar geometry, and bring it all together in a visual servo system.✫
❰ Useful to - Researchers and graduate students in robotics and automated systems, electrical and mechanical engineering, international economics, artificial intelligence
and machine perception.
Humanoids,Space Robotics,Industrial Automation ❱
☆Finally, the App discusses contributions and limitations which have emerged from different methodologies of research, potential educational applications, and concepts of
human–robot interaction for the development of the above paradigms.☆
【 Topics covered are Listed Below】
⇢ Robotics: Introduction
⇢ Robotics: Scope and Limitations of Robots
⇢ Classification of Robotic Systems
⇢ Current Uses of Robots
⇢ Components of Robots
⇢ What are Industrial Robots?
⇢ Benefits Of Robots
⇢ Position and Orientation of the Objects in Robotic Automation
⇢ The Kinematics of Manipulators – Forward and Inverse
⇢ Kinematics of Manipulators: Velocity Analysis
⇢ How Does a Robot's Voice Recognition System Works?
⇢ Light Sensors in Robots
⇢ Vision System in Robots
⇢ Robots in Engineering and Manufacturing
⇢ Robotics: Construction of a Robot
⇢ Robotics: Structure of Industrial Robots or Manipulators: Types of Base Bodies – I
⇢ Robotics: Structure of Industrial Robots or Manipulators: Types of Base Bodies – II
⇢ Manipulation Robotic System: Manual Type Robots
⇢ The Required Features of a Multi-meter for Robot Building
⇢ Measuring Resistance of Resistors
⇢ The Optional Features of Multi-meters for Robot Building
⇢ Variable Resistors: Identifying Potentiometers
⇢ The LM393 Voltage Comparator Chip
⇢ How to Test LED Lamps
⇢ Basic LED Attributes
⇢ Articulated Robots – SCARA and PUMA
⇢ Base Bodies of Robots: Articulated Robot Base
⇢ Base Bodies of Robots: Spherical Base Robot - Control and Application
⇢ Manipulation Robotic System: Tele-control or Remotely Operated Robot
⇢ Spherical Base Robot: Construction and Work-space
⇢ Base Bodies of Robots: Cylindrical Base Robot
⇢ Introduction to Robotics Technology
⇢ Advantages of Robotics in Engineering
⇢ Medical Robotics
⇢ Dealing with Decommissioned Industrial Robots
⇢ PID Loop Tuning Methods for Robotics
⇢ Honda Asimo - How Long to Robots in the Home?
⇢ The Brains and Body of a Robot
⇢ The Future of Robotics
⇢ Manipulation Robotic Systems: Automatic Type Robot
⇢ Recommended Additional Features for Multimeters in Robot Building
⇢ Identifying and Purchasing Resistors
⇢ Self-Learning Control System Concepts Simplified ✫ ➻

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