Mi Bandage - Mi Band 2 & Amazfit support 4.8.7 [free]


Supported devices:
- Xiaomi Mi Band 2
- Xiaomi Mi Band HRX
- Huami Amazfit Bip (Pace Lite Youth)
- Huami Amazfit Arc (A1603)
Mi Bandage requires the installation of the official Mi Fit app on the same device. At first you have to pair Xiaomi/Amazfit Band in Mi Fit app, then you can use Mi
Bandage.If you have a connection problem:
- recent apps screen: lock the Mi Bandage (pull down the app and click on lock icon)
- phone battery settings/battery optimization: set Mi Bandage app to not optimized
- Settings/Developer options:
- Don't keep activities: disable
- Background process limit: standard limit
- Memory optimization: middle/low/disable
- if you are having trouble syncing Mi Fit app, then install the BToolkit, nRF Connect or similar Bluetooth manager app and remove any pairing.Features:
- show battery state, estimated remaining time
- incoming call signal with caller display and automatic character conversion on Mi Band2/Amazfit
- missed call signal with caller display on Mi Band2/Amazfit
- displays the app's notification texts on BandBand connection features:
- change volume
• not have notification
- Band vibrates
- device screen wake up
• have notification
- immediate signal when notification is received
- when connecting to device
- reminder signal and repeat interval
- signal only when screen is off
- ongoing notifications are enabled or disabled
- device screen wake upBand disconnection features:
- icon displaying and vibrate on Band
- playing ringtone on device, vibration, screen wake up
- change volume
- device monitoring agent: if someone tampered with the device while you are away, you will know (wake up the screen, power on, motion): notification on the device and
Weibo icon on the BandNotification monitoring:
- unique signal configuration for apps notification
- displays the app's notification texts on BandTouch monitoring (use Band touch button):
- call answering, speakerphone (turn off the launch music app when headset is connected setting, otherwise the music starts) (not all devices are supported)
- call rejecting, ending (not all devices are supported)
- toggle call mute
- find my device
- repeat the phone's notifications on the bracelet
- control music player (play, pause, next, previous, volume up/down, show music track info)
- start timer/stopwatch/interval, showing remaining/elapsed time
- app launcher
- Tasker task launcherStep monitoring:
- daily/weekly/monthly chart: displays the measured values
- more goals can be setSleep monitoring:
- daily/weekly charts: displays the measured valuesPulse monitoring:
- you can set: monitoring starting signal, show pulse, low and high pulse signal, start/end time, repeat interval, valid lower/higher value
- showing current pulse
- daily/weekly/monthly chart: displays the measured valuesTime monitoring:
- signal when phone alarm sounds
- alarm setting
- timer: alarm type, reminder, remaining time display on Band
- stopwatch: alarm type, reminder, elapsed time, lap time recording, lap time displaying on Band
- interval: timer for interval trainingLost monitoring:
- Band signal: when specified period of time expires Band will alert you
- device signals: when specified period of time expires, device send signals repeatedly if not connected to the bracelet. This makes it easier to find the device.Agent log:
- view events detected by the device monitoring agent
Languages (if you like to translate other language, please send me email):
Russian (Александр Солоцкий - https://4pda.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=783175)
Portuguese(Bruno Lopes, Skype: bruno.lopes1000)
Turkish (Mustafa EZDEMİR (Güncel çeviri), Fatih GÜL)
Greek (Alexandros Apostolidis)
Italian (Francesco Caronte)
French (Lyonelf-Breizh)
Germany (David Terrey)

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  • App Name: Mi Bandage - Mi Band 2 & Amazfit support
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  • Version: 4.8.7
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  • Updated: 2020-07-01