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RAVEN is an Open-Architecture Command-and-Control system for Emergency Response, Management Projects and Planned Events. RAVEN is hosted on the Amazon Web
Services Cloud.
Additional information is also available at: https://www.ravenwics.org/
RAVEN Mobile is designed to directly interact with RAVEN browser as a widely distributed command & control system for small to large to extreme scale incidents that
facilitates collaboration across Federal, Tribal, Military, State, County, & Local/Municipal levels of preparedness, planning, response, and recovery for
all-risk/all-hazard events.
RAVEN was originally sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate as the Next-Generation Incident Command System (NICS) Research and
Development Project. RAVEN is the transitioned NICS R&D project that has been co-developed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology Lincoln Laboratory (MITLL) and
Worldwide Incident Command Services (WICS), our California based non-profit, public benefit corporation in partnership with input from First Responder Communities
worldwide. The leadership team at WICS has been directly guiding these efforts for over 15 years.
* Based upon Open standards
* Non-proprietary: Not vendor owned; this is a community development project
* Always improving: Like the Web, RAVEN will never be done; it will always be
improved and adapted by the community
* Aimed at the "Tired–Dirty–Hungry" user: Carefully designed for the responder under extreme stress
* Focused on scalability: Technology for small to large to extreme scale incidents
* Facilitates situational awareness for widely dispersed responders
RAVEN Mobile provides collaboration and communication capabilities across all echelons of responders; it enhances the quality and accessibility of sensor data; and it
integrates location data of the smart-device running RAVEN Mobile. RAVEN provides an information backbone that manages and seamlessly distributes data, including real-time
device and vehicle location feeds, weather, critical infrastructure, terrain information and other information that has been entered into the application by either on-site
or off-site users.
General & Specific Design Guidance
General - The general design guidance for incorporating best practices for user-centered web-design as it has been applied in RAVEN CONOPS is captured in the
a) Piggy-back on known interaction patterns
b) Limit controls and options to the most necessary
c) Keep it simple, but not stupid
d) Design for known user needs
e) Allow for errors, but provide easy recovery
f) Follow an object => action model
g) Use screen space wisely
h) Always provide a recommendation
i) Think it, try it, test it
Specific - The specific design guidance emerging from the CONOPS enablers described above that have guided RAVEN development are:
1) Adherence to ICS/NIMS
2) Seamless - Scalability
3) Network to the Edge
4) Technology Neutral – Web - Based
The following basic browser (Safari, Firefox, Chrome) Internet Explorer is not supported.
5) App Store Development Approach
6) All Hazard – All Risk
7) Platform for the Tired - Dirty -Hungry
8) Growth Model

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