Root Explorer Pro Android Free Lightweight Easy 5.6.57 [free]


2019 the simplest & newest app that help you check immediately if your smartphones are rooted.
Have you ever thought whether your Android phone is rooted or not? Do you know how to get verifying those roots access? Root Explorer Pro Android Free Lightweight Easy is
able to Check & Verify Root Access on Your Android.
When you buy an Android phone and take it from the box, there are somethings that you can edit as allowed by the manufacturer. But if you would like to edit the things
which are not allowed to do by user, then you need to root your Android device to gain user root access. (superuser or supersu)
There are large of benefits and advantages of rooting your Android smartphones. However, there are also some drawbacks and risks. That is why we developed this app to help
you get verifying the accurate root access on your Android devices. Available to build up the security and secure your phone more efficiently.
Root Explorer Pro Android Free Lightweight Easy is very lightweight, specific, super easy and useful. If you doubt, just try installing this root checker. It might
make your phone running faster, show up smoothly!! And of course, This is for 100% FREE!!
☆Main Feature☆
✅Quick Verification let you know whether your apps have root access or not.
✅Fast Checking root information on your phone, whether super user or su is installed.
✅Able to clarify the security statement on your smartphones through root verifying.
✅Specifically Showing up the build information of your phone (Internal Storage, Processes, bootloader, kernel, ROM, manufacturer, etc.)
✅Simple and Easy interface help your operation more smoothly. (Storage, Network & Cloud, Apps, Library)
✅Installed Free up junk storage function & Quick access shortcut icons to every information screen.
How to Check if Your Android Smartphone Is Rooted or Not?
1. Download “Root Explorer Pro Android Free Lightweight Easy” from Google play store.
2. For verifying, please Install & Open this root checker.
3. Then you will see the pop-up dialog referring” This app will not root this device.”
4. Please read that information. If you do, tap on [OK].
5. After getting into the app, Just click on “Verify Root”.
6. All apps on your phone including user apps and system apps get verified whether to be rooted or not.
Reminder: Before using, please check your android version. Root Explorer Pro Android Free Lightweight Easy wouldn’t support less than Android 4.0. And you'll need a WiFi
or data connection when you verify or check if your device is rooted or not. Root Explorer Pro Android Free Lightweight Easy will not root your device, it just only
verifies the root access of your Android devices. Apps that have required root access or being rooted right now are not difficult to check if you use our “Root Explorer
Pro Android Free Lightweight Easy”. But some of apps that have required root access will not work until you gain user root access (superuser or supersu). Those apps might
have features that only works on rooted devices.
Besides, Root Explorer Pro Android Free Lightweight Easy correctly show you a chart of “Major Android Manufacturers” which rank every manufacturer by ease of device root
installation. The devices are including; Samsung, Sony, Huawei, HTC, Vivo, OPPO, Motorola, Xiaomi, etc. And this chart only includes Android 4.0 or more. Ex) Samsung
Galaxy S9, Galaxy S8, S7, Samsung Galaxy Note8, Note7, Samsung Galaxy J7, Sony Xperia XZ series, Sony Xperia Z4, Huawei Mate series, Huawei P20, P10, P9, HTC U11, U12,
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