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There are 3 possible reasons why you must use this weight loss app.
1. How to lose weight in a short time?
2. Easiest way to burn belly fat and have a flat stomach naturally?
3. You are tired of sweating in the gym and impractical diet. Need real time, home based weight loss solution with a personal coach to monitor.
Well, you will get the solution of above all 3 problems here.
This app delivers formulas from scientific research which can help you to lose weight at earliest. It’s not magic but a systematic approach to burn fat.
Formula is a blend of time-tested Vedic Yoga (Hath yoga & Kundalini yoga), Exercise, Pranayama, HIIT & Nutrition (Diet). This Weight loss formula will help you to
reduce weight fast in the most harmonious, healthy & natural way without any side-effects. This weight loss yoga app is your virtual personal coach in your pocket at
This personal trainer can track & monitor daily progress & diet plan with customized suggestions.
Usage for this weight loss formula
Lose up to 20 pounds without equipment
Burn body fat at home only
Lose Belly fat & have flat stomach
Get rid of Men boobs
Get rid of cellulites
Post pregnancy weight loss
Low calorie Diet plans for fast weight loss
Achieve healthy BMI and perfect fit model body
Effective weight loss yoga
- Offer research & science-based yoga & exercise training
- Demonstrating every step of exercise in 3D videos with voice guidance for beginners
- Easy to understand home-based yoga, workouts & exercise
- Supports 18 languages - Voice instructions
- Personal trainer to keep track & coach
- Track weight loss plan progress and burned calories
- All home workout, no need of any instruments
- 3 difficulty levels for beginner, intermediate and pro.
- Breathing tips and advice on video
- Addition in-detail videos to understand Yoga poses, Pranayama & Exercises better way
- Daily healthy tips and guides on weight loss diet and good health
Formula 4 Secret:
1. Vedic Food Plan
2. Ancient Yoga –
There are 2 difficulty levels for everyone – Men, Women, Beginner & Pro to help you get optimum result as per your requirement.
1. Vedic Food Plan
The trick is not necessarily how much you are eating, but rather what exactly you are eating.
There’s ample research on foods and diet patterns helps you in weight loss. The good news is that many of the foods that help prevent disease also seem to help with weight
control. Many such nutritional formula is added in this app.
2. Ancient Yoga
There are blend of Hath yoga, Yin Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Power Yoga & Ashtanga yoga used here for weight loss. It is time tasted and highly proven for fat loss and can help
you to get in shape and burn fat by taking off unwanted pounds.
Yoga poses that target the thighs, bum & tum can work wonders in the war against the lumpy fat.
Wishing you a successful weight loss journey with us… Enjoy…
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FAQsQ: Which fats should you cut back on to lose weight?
Not eating one kind of food doesn't mean cutting massive calories. Furthermore, fat can assist you with feeling full after eating, which might check your longing for quite a
long time or sweet. Your body needs some dietary fat to work.Q: To help lose weight faster, you should drink water before meals. True or false?
Drinking water, particularly before supper time, helps top you off and causes you to eat less. One investigation discovered that grown-ups who drank two cups of water before
every dinner lost more weight than those who didn't.Q: How many meals should you eat in a day?
Once you have chosen your healthy foods, a question arises on how often you should eat them to ensure maximum metabolism. Ideally, you should eat around five smaller meals a
day to maximize weight loss.

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