Japan train card balance check 0.1.6 [free]


This is the most used IC card balance checker app in Japan!
Compatible with Suica card, ICOCA card ,PASMO card and other Japanese train cards.
* If the device you are using does not support IC card reading, you can't read the IC card.
* Magnetic tickets cannot be read.

■ Supported IC cards
・ Suica [Balance/Recent transactions]
・ PASMO [Balance/Recent transactions]
・ ICOCA [Balance/Recent transactions]
・ Manaca [Balance/Recent transactions]
・ Nimoca [Balance/Recent transactions]
・ Pitapa [Recent transactions]
・ TOICA [Balance/Recent transactions]
・ SUGOCA [Balance/Recent transactions]
・ Kitaca [Balance/Recent transactions]
・ Hayakaken [Balance/Recent transactions]
・ Sapporo City SAPICA [Balance/Recent transactions/ Point]
・ Sendai City ICSCA [Balance/Recent transactions]
・ Hiroshima City PASPY [Balance/Recent transactions]
・ Takamatsu Kotohira Electric Railroad IruCa [Balance/Recent transactions]
・ Okinawa City OKICA [Balance/Recent transactions]
・ Kumamon's IC CARD [Balance/Recent transactions]
・ Shinki Bus NicoPa [Balance/Recent transactions]
・ Iyo Railway IC-card [Balance/Recent transactions]
・ Gifu Bus ayuca [Balance/Recent transactions]
・ Enshu Railroad Nice Pass [Balance/Recent transactions]
・ Toyama Regional Railway ecomyca [Balance/Recent transactions]
・ Nara Kotsu CI-CA [Balance/Recent transactions]
・ Fukushima Kotsu NORUCA [Balance/Recent transactions]
・ Kagoshima City Rapica [Balance/Recent transactions]
・ Hankyu Bus / Hanshin Bus hanica [Balance/Recent transactions]
・ Hokuriku Railroad ICa [Balance/Recent transactions]
・ Itami City itappy [Balance/Recent transactions]
・ University Co-op IC prepaid card [Balance/Recent transactions]
・ Shizuoka Railway LuLuCa [Balance/Recent transactions]
・ Ohmi Railway Bus IC Card [Balance/Recent transactions]
・ Kyofuku Electric Railway Landen Card [Balance/Recent transactions]
・ Niigata Transit Ryuto [Balance/Recent transactions]
・ Nagasaki City N+ Card [Balance/Recent transactions]

■ Supported electronic money
・ Edy [balance / history display]
・ Nanaco [Balance/Recent transactions/Point]
・ WAON [Balance/Recent transactions/Point]
* The automatic balance update of nanaco and WAON is reflected once a day, and Edy is reflected three days later. For other cards, the balance is updated only when

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  • App Name: Japan train card balance check
  • Category: Tools
  • App Code: digital.cardreader
  • Version: 0.1.6
  • Requirement: 5.0 or higher
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  • Updated: 2020-07-01