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GCodeSimulator visualizes 3D printing gcodes and simulates the 3D print.It shows how your print will look like, allowing you to check your print upfront, making it easier
to spot errors and fix them instead of wasting filament. In addition, GCodeSimulator can connect to many 3D printers using USB-OTG cable (or Bluetooth) to control the
printer. The printer control panel provides the most important printer controls (e.g. XYZ Movement) for manual operations. This enables you to use any Android tablet or
phone as a touch screen for your 3D printer.
See 3dprintapps.de for more information.★ 3D Printer control features
Control your 3D printer from your favorite Android device
✔ Connect to the 3D Printer over USB (USB-OTG Adapter required) or wireless (Bluetooth)
✔ Control the 3D printer with your touchscreen (X/Y/Z movements, homing, fan, temperature, etc.).
✔ Load your own gcode file (local file, network, web upload, Gdrive, Dropbox) and run print simulation
✔ Web interface for basic printer controls and show camera picture (Camera permissions required)
✔ Works with many 3D printers (Reprap, PrintrBot, Ultimaker, Renkforce, Velleman, Anet, Tevo, Robot3d, Multec, etc.)
✔ Works with multiple firmwares (Marlin,Smoothie,Repetier)
✔ Support for various printer options (bedsize, baudrates, flip x/y axis, checksums, etc.)Limitation of the free version
GCodeSimulator(Free) is a limited version of GCodePrintr. Most features incl. manual printer controls are fully available.
The 3D print functionality is restricted, however with version 3.0 the following features can be temporary unlocked by watching reward video Ads.
✔ Full 3D Printing
✔ Support for SD Card printing (upload, list files, autostart print)
✔ Easily modify speed during print and see how it impacts the print time.
Check out the paid GCodePrintr App for more features and without Ads.★ Visualization and Simulation
GCodeSimulator can visualize gcodes and simulate a 3D print. It recognizes the print speeds and simulates the print in real time, but can also speedup the simulation(fast
Each layer is painted in a different color to see how a layer overlaps with the layer below.
✔ Layer by layer visualization and simulation
✔ 3D View
✔ Show estimated print time
✔ Show remaining print time
✔ Show weight and cost of the printed object
✔ Show speed of X/Y/Z movements and extrusion (min/max/average)
✔ Show Print object dimension and required filament
✔ Show details of each layer
✔ Multiple UI Themes
and more⚠ Remarks and Limitations
Printer connection requires a Android device with USB-OTG support and a USB-OTG adapter.
Tested with Slic3r, Simplify3d and Skeinforge generated gcodes.
To load files locally from the device or dropbox you need to install a Android file manager (e.g. ES File Explorer)
MakerBot uses a proprietary protocol called S3G where as others use raw G-Code, therefore only the gcode simulation is supported.
Loading very large gcode files might fail, depending on the available memory of the device. OctoPrint support is experimental.Tip:Use GCodeSimulator for PC to send files from PC directly to your Android tablet to print them.✉ Problem Support / Get HelpJoin
the Google+ community to find help, request features or raise issues
In case of problems please check the FAQ if the problem is already described.
Simply generate a problem report with the app itself (Console menu -> send email), or write an email directly to gcode@dietzm.de.Google Play Review comments are not adequate for reporting bugs because they don't allow a real communication.
This App uses Google Analytics to collect anonymous statistical data e.g. number of starts, connects via USB OTG/bluetooth. The collected data is only used to improve the
App behavior.

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