YTrivia 1.4.0 [free]


YTrivia (Version 1.2.0)
Release Notes
After much wait and anticipation, A new version of Yantrivia is available for download.
We appreciate you, our loyal players, for your wait and suggestions, we are happy to announce that we have added new features, made improvements on already existing
features and fixed bugs all based on your suggestions and our desire to give you a flawless experience as you play ytrivia daily.
New Features:
New -> You can now choose your preferred language English, Yoruba or Pidgin
New -> You can now buy more lives on the go (during a game) to continue playing
New -> Age restricted games
New -> Update profile information such as change gender, birthday, etc
New -> You can now submit questions to get extra live when your question is approved
New -> Loyalty Lives, you can now earn more lives by playing 5 times in a row.
New -> Sponsored Game and sponsors logo.
-> Separate (better looking) Leadership board page to accommodate more people
-> Streaming video loading placeholder to keep the viewers updated on what is happening
-> How to play screen now features more details and icons to help you understand the game
-> Improved pop-up messages for disconnection, kick out of game, or missed question
-> Show number of winners to players after each game section
-> Help, a more elaborate help system
-> Fixed crash while trying to turn off / on live-show
-> Fixed being kicked off during minor internet disconnection: Your game automatically reconnects back when your internet is restored before time runs out.
-> Live chat remains on even during live off
-> Fixed issue with notice of missing the first question during a game
-> Fixed frozen stream screen after minor disconnection
-> Fixed screen going to sleep during a game show
YTrivia aka Yan Trivia is Nigeria's first and only daily LIVE quiz game show streamed directly to your smartphone.
You can play directly from the app by answering 12 questions asked by the game show host. If you get all 12 questions correctly you win the daily cash prize which is
transferred directly to your bank account... no strings attached!
It’s really simple!
Step 1 - Download the app at
Step 2 - Open app & Register for an account
Step 3 - Wait until the next game — We play everyday at 6pm WAT!
Step 4 - When the game is live you will get a notification you can click to enter or you can just go to the app before the game starts and click the red button that
Step 5 - Enter the game and watch the show and wait for the questions to appear.. remember to CLICK the right answer don’t comment
Step 6 - if you get a question wrong you can’t continue UNLESS you have an extra life (you can get these from referring friends)
If you get all questions correct, you win the cash prize and can cash out immediately!

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  • App Name: YTrivia
  • Category: Casual
  • App Code: com.yan.trivia
  • Version: 1.4.0
  • Requirement: 6.0 or higher
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  • Updated: 2019-03-16