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Woman Code for Man is the paid version of the Woman Code app. Thanks to a paid subscription, you get access to your woman's menstrual cycle, to descriptions
with hints for each day of the cycle. You also get access to the forecast of your woman's menstrual cycle, thanks to which you will know 3 months in advance when to plan a
going out with friends and when to plan a romantic dinner with your loved one. Thanks to the paid subscription you will also get access to the application modes
"Menstruation", "Sex", "Child", "Infertile".
By selecting „Menstruation" mode, it will be easier for you to plan your surprise trip for a date that doesn't coincide with the bleeding days when your partner would rather
stay home.
Are you trying for a baby? We are here to help you! With the „Baby" mode, a few days before ovulation we'll send you some pointers on how to improve the quality of your
sperm in a short period of time to increase your chances of conceiving your longed-for child.
If you have no plans to expand your family in the near future, we have prepared a „Sex" mode for you. We will inform you of the upcoming „Infertile” mode well in advance so
that you have the opportunity to prepare the perfect conditions for having some fun together.
Woman Code is a tool that will provide you with information about your partner's cycle day without awkward conversations. Our app will help you better understand your
partner's physiology.
Each stage of the cycle involves hormonal changes that affect how women feel and behave. You've probably already noticed that there's a certain amount of repeatability over
the course of about 27 days. Our tool will make it easier for you to communicate about topics that are taboo in many relationships. You will also see, in relation to your
partner's needs, how you can support her - we are certain this will increase your satisfaction and be a great way for you to get to know each other even better.
Note! Although we rely on scientific studies, we have not surveyed the entire population of women from around the world. Each day, we describe moods and well-being and
suggest activities that concerned most respondents. Every woman is different, influenced by endocrine activity, pain threshold and ways of coping with difficult
Download and subscribe the application and we will help you understand your woman.

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  • Updated: 2022-05-15