Secret Pet Detective - Hidden Object Games 1.0.44 [free]


Are you ready to start your detective adventure? Help adorable puppy, fox, bunny, parrot and raccoon find lost and hidden objects! Explore animals’ colorful rooms, messy
kitchen, beautiful garden, a fruit market and a cake cafe!
Use your best private investigator skills: your time is limited, and tasks will get harder! Be super attentive and learn to match shapes! You will have to find lots of
random things like toys, flowers, candies and clothes in order to get desired ones!
A playful baby squirrel decided to hide from its mommy! Help the fluffy mum find her child in their cozy tree house! Explore the messy room and find lots of fun unexpected
Help your fluffy raccoon friend find his favorite butterfly catching net! It’s not an easy task: his beautiful garden is a real mess! There are lots of colorful flowers,
gardening tools and random things there!
A cute puppy wants to play with a tennis ball! But where is it? Seems like it’s hidden in the animals’ kitchen. Inspect all drawers and secret corners to find the puppy’s
favorite toy!
Oh no, a colorful parrot lost a mirror in its cute pink bedroom! The room has so many lovely details and decorations! It’s not going to be easy to find it!
A fluffy rabbit brought many yummy fruits and vegetables from the Bunny Farm. But they all mixed with random things, and the bunny lost his glasses! Let’s help the fluffy
cutie find them among juicy apples, carrots, pumpkins and berries!
A little stylish fox is looking for her favourite bag! She lost it in a cozy local dessert cafe. Can you spot the bag among colorful cakes, doughnuts, drinks and random
lost things?
Play fun hidden object games for boys and girls with Secret Pet Detective:
· Become the best pet detective!
· Help cute animals find lost & hidden objects!
· Explore squirrels’ tree house & find the baby squirrel!
· Help the raccoon find different things in his beautiful garden!
· Spot puppy’s favorite toy in the messy kitchen!
· Be attentive in the parrot’s cute pink room!
· Find random objects hidden among bunny’s yummy fruits!
· Detect fox’s stylish bag at the cake cafe!
· Watch funny videos for kids to collect bonus coins!
· Find hidden objects every day & get rewards!
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IMPORTANT message to parents
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of Use.
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