Tattoo Surgery Pregnancy Mommy Fashion 1.0 [free]


Our coolest mom has plans of getting a surgery done. Not one but two; one surgery for her pregnancy baby operation and the other is her tattoo surgery after that massive
operation surgery!! Which means after the pregnant mommy receives her baby, she will go and get herself a commemorating tattoo for the celebration of her baby’s
The pregnant mommy however goes to the hospital in a very crucial point of her condition and so as her doctor you need to perform the surgery perfectly so you can ensure
if it is safe for her to proceed with the tattoo surgery given her post pregnancy condition!
The game is firstly played in a full procedure pregnancy surgery simulator, followed by a small baby care further followed by a full procedure tattoo surgery simulator!!
Before the official start of the surgery you must prepare the pregnant mom for the process of the entire surgery!!
After prepping the pregnant mom for her surgery, you begin the operation after which the preparation for the tattoo surgery begin!!! Which means, when it is time for the
pregnancy surgery, you as the doctor and gynecologist of the hospital have to make sure of mommy’s temperature, her oxygen and blood test as well as her breathing!!
Then after all the tests are passed and confirmed move on to the ultrasound machine and finally begin for the cesarean operation by giving mommy the anesthesia injection,
numb her stomach and then operate the stomach by cutting a cesarean mark and then finally getting the baby out by cutting the cord!! Wash the baby and wrap it up then give
it mommy!!
Afterwards, when the baby is ready and clean and the no longer pregnant mom is okay, take her to the tattoo shop to get her a funky and cool tattoo on the cesarean mark
cut area on her stomach!! There will be many designs she can choose from!! Select one, numb the mark area on stomach where she wants the tattoo design to put on and after
you numb the stomach cut, start the tattoo laser for the tattoo surgery!!
After you are done applying the tattoo stencil tattoo simulator, the tattoo surgery is complete!! Show it mommy and if she likes it, she is going to love it and show it to
all her friends!! This way with your doctor help she can have a successful surgery of her choice under properly ensured security!!
*** HOW TO PLAY ***
• Start the surgery game
• Select the mommy character and begin surgery preparation
• Take pregnant mommy to emergency hospital
• Begin mom care by taking temperature, blood and oxygen test
• Give her anesthesia injection to numb stomach
• Cut a mark on stomach
• Operate the baby out
• Stitch the mark
• Clean baby
• After baby care proceed with tattoo surgery
• Before tattoo surgery numb the cesarean cut stomach application area
• Begin stamping the laser tattoo stencil on the stomach
• Complete tattoo
• Play the game again
• Brand new tattoo simulation game
• Pregnancy surgery procedure
• Surgical hospital instruments
• Mom characters
• Different tattoo stencils
• Baby care simulator
• Step by step game play
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