TNPolice CUG 5.02 [free]


TNPolice CUG Application contains Tamil Nadu Police Personnel CUG mobile numbers. You can find Police Person by searching Phone number. Make call or SMS from contact page.
You can use easy search within selected group to filter within the group list.
Current version supports to install maximum of 2 preferred groups, you can choose your groups at the time of Installation.
Installation Steps:
1. You must uninstall the previous version if you have installed before version 3 of TNPolice CUG application before installing this version. Otherwise it will not
2. First time installation may take time to install.
3. After installation, it will show the Welcome screen with setup fields.
4. All police personnels must enter their CUG phone number and click Generate SMS PIN button.
5. A SMS will be sent and received via your CUG phone number.
6. Make sure you have default SMS sending SIM is your CUG SIM if you have Dual SIM phone.
7. Disable any third party message application other than native android message application for better results.
8. Once SMS PIN received via your CUG SIM, TNPolice CUG application will automatically detect it and shows the success notification.
9. Click that notification or open the TNPolice CUG application to proceed with the further setup.
10. All police personnels must enter their rank for complete the Application setup. Installed by information can be viewed in the About screen(Menu->About).
11. They can choose a City/District or a Special Unit, or Both.
12. Call Identifier is a option, it will show a notification about the Caller if the Caller is in CUG scheme. You can enable or Disable it in the App menu.
13. Search phone number is a option, to search a person using the CUG phone number.
14. Different groups may be displayed in the Groups Tab as per their Rank setup.
If you are facing any technical difficulties, please contact Technical Services, Tamil Nadu Police.

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  • Updated: 2018-07-14