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SIRI is an application that allows us to talk with our mobile cell phone and for Siri to work you should only understand the 6 rules of the -iri
1. But how do you use siri ?: To use siri you just have to say for example: hello and she will answer "hello to you too" (do not say the word SIRI in the sentence for
example: hello siri or siri peace).
2. Do not turn off the recording manually. It will close itself in a few seconds !!!
3. If you said a sentence and siri did not answer then it seems that Siri does not know this sentence yet and she will not answer at all.
4. And siri is a female So the questions you ask her will ask in the female language for example: Tell me tell and tell me a story.
5. Speak to the male siri.
6. The last thing you should not write to siri with exclamation points or punctuation (eg:?,?,:,., (,), And more ...).
Siri has 2 languages
Hebrew and English.
If you are using siri English then you will need to use all the instructions and add the instruction 7 The instruction is: If the word you wrote does not work try to write
it with a large letter and vice versa.
Work Offline:
If you use the application offline (no internet) then you will need to use only the keyboard that use the voice recording needed for internet.
 And can she do other things besides answering us? So the answer is yes. For example, if you ask for it to run the bar code, then it will run and say "I opened the
barcode scanner to cancel the button and press it long" but not only that SIRI can do Also: open the camera, open the video clip, do bitbox, sing, tell a story, cough,
make a short and long vibration, tell the time, tell the date, call, draw, and much more ...

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  • Version: 11.2
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  • Updated: 2019-07-13