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Do you want to know what animal are you in your past life? Download Crystal Ball Past Life and find out this instant! We created this cool test app to help you discover
what your personality was like and what characteristics were related to you. If you believe in reincarnation, you might have spent hours and hours asking “what animal was
i in my past life” and never found the answer. This will not be the case once you download our new free app. Enter your name and then insert your birth date and wait for
the calculator to give you the answer. So? What did you get? Are you as mysterious as a snake? Or as hardworking as a squirrel? This what animal was I in my past life test
will tell! Don't forget that this is a prank test, so don't take it too seriously and use it for the purposes of fun! No more talking, download Crystal Ball Past Life and
discover what were you in previous life.
◯ What were you in your past life? Find out right away!
◯ Enter your name in the blank space!
◯ Insert your birth date as well!
◯ See what you were in a past life!
◯ Use this free prank app at parties!
◯ Share it with your friends!
Can you at least guess, according to the characteristics of your present personality, what member of the animal kingdom you could have possibly been? A cheetah, or an
eagle? Who can tell! Oh, wait, Crystal Ball Past Life can! Download it now and take a past life test to find out “what animal are you”. You can be surprised by the result,
so take it again and see if you would like another animal better. Also, you can enter the name and birth date of your best friend and see what animal he or she was! Do it
for fun, because this is a funny prank app, suitable for people of all ages! You don't have to wonder how to find out what animal you were in your past life any longer, we
can help you discover in a matter of seconds! Is this one of the best test games? Let's see!
This is your chance to see what were you in your previous birth. If you are graceful and sophisticated, you might have been a deer! But let us not guess, but download
“Crystal Ball Past Life” and see based on your name and the date of birth what your animal can be! This is not a what is your spirit animal quiz, so you don't need to
answer any questions. Such an easy way to do a past life analysis you haven't seen yet, better than simple “animal games”, this “who was I in my past life calculator” will
give you one of the animal names as a match to your personality. Enjoy using this “prank app” over and over again and let us know if you liked it!
You don't a crystal ball to answer the question what was I in my past life. Neither you have to take part in an animal quiz. A simple animal past life test which answers
the questions who was I in my past life by name and what I was in my past life by birth date will do. Have you thought about what you would like to be? Try imagining
yourself in your previous birth as a horse or any other animal. What were you like? Intelligent or easy-minded? Shy or maybe friendly? We believe that this “past life
calculator” will show you the best. You can then see if the result is compatible with what you thought. Share the “my past life animal” on social networks and see what
comments you would get, or how many likes you would be given. Maybe your friends and followers will download it too and say that this is the “best app” they have ever had.
So, what are you waiting for? Download Crystal Ball Past Life and have loads of fun!

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