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Savonix Mobile app delivers a fully mobile and clinically valid assessment of your cognitive function by providing access to gold standard set of digitized
cognitive assessments that can be completed on a smartphone or tablet from any location and at your convenience.
The series of test takes 15- 18 minutes to complete and upon completion you will have your personalized results on your brain function across domains, including memory,
attention and focus.
The first assessment creates your baseline, which is a starting point from which to compare future assessments. Checking your brain health every 6-12 months is recommended
to gain insight on any changes in your cognitive function.
The Savonix Mobile app measures cognitive function and can tell you where your cognition lies in relation to other people of your age, but it does not, by itself, diagnose
disease states. Please consult a medical professional with your test results for a complete diagnostic.
The Savonix Story:
For decades, clinicians have relied on pencil and paper tests to measure brain health. Now technology enables us to bring these tests in every home at an affordable
Savonix Mobile app puts real-time brain health in your hand with cognitive assessment score scientifically validated and compared against a database of scores from users of
a similar demographic.
The dedicated Savonix team includes neuropsychologists that specialized in neuroscience and clinical psychology. Fueled by passion, they work hard to provide easy and
affordable access to cognitive assessment and made it their mission to create a world without dementia.
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