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⚡ Start Your 7-day Free Trial Now!! ⚡RedFox Anti-Phishing, Anti-Spoofing & Scam Detector will give you:
✔ A complete security solution from phishing, spoofing & other scam attempts;
✔ Real-time website spoofing detection;
✔ Real-time warning of fake and dangerous emails;
✔ Real-time detection of spam SMS messages;
✔ Real-time detection of suspicious messages from social media;
✔ Real-time detection of suspicious messages from messaging apps;
✔ Site security reputation check;
✔ IP and domain reputation check;
✔ Spam websites and links detection;
✔ Global phishing attacks map with current risk level in each country;
✔ No registration required!!
✔ 7-day free trial!!RedFox Anti-Phishing & Scam Detector offers you a comprehensive protection against phishing, spoofing, spam and other impersonation attacks.
★Multi-layered protection
RedFox Anti Phishing & Scam Detector efficiently protects you against a full spectrum of impersonation threats. It can detect phishing attacks from any mobile channel in
a privacy-aware manner. We leverage signature-based data and smart machine learning algorithms to automatically detect and respond to phishing, spoofing and other threats,
both known and unknown.
★Real time protection
RedFox Anti-Phishing & Scam Detector automatically scans and analyzes every email, SMS and other messages arrive on your device. If a phishing, spoofing or other scam
attempt is detected, a warning will appear on the suspicious message and you'll be also informed by a notification.
★Relentless security
The app works quietly in the background to deliver efficient protection on the device that cannot be subverted. There is no need to initiate any manual scan in order to stay
safe. Your Android device is automatically protected 24/7 from phishing, spoofing, spam, and other impersonation threats.
★Real-time fake emails detection
To uncover potential phishing attacks, security analysis is applied for intercepting malicious emails in your inbox. Our smart email security ML algorithm scans every email
for phishing features, checks the embedded URLs in the body of the email message and warns you in case of suspicious content.
★Website security check
Cybercriminals pose as someone or something else on the internet in order to gain your trust, steal your data, money or identity or to launch a harmful attack. RedFox
Anti-Phishing lets you check any website to make sure it is legit and safe for browsing.
★Phishing attacks map
The app includes an interactive map that shows phishing and spam attacks that are occurring globally. You can type a country name or click on it from the list to see the
current risk level of the overall activity in the country.
★ Zero Configuration
RedFox offers you essential protection against fraudsters. It is ready to go right after installation, acting as an effective guardian against mobile spam and phishing
attacks without any registration requirements.
★What about battery life of your device?
Unlike other similar products, RedFox Anti Phishing & Scam Detector will grant to you security and protection without consuming your battery. Although RedFox keeps you
protected 24/7 against malicious actors, it is optimized to save your battery life.Subscription details
✔A monthly subscription is required to activate the 7-day trial
✔ Cancel the subscription from your Google Play account before the end of the trial to avoid payment
✔ After the 7-day trial, your subscription will start and renew automatically monthly unless canceledPermissions & Privacy
This app uses the Accessibility permission for live chat apps monitoring and SMS scanning
NTrigo respects your privacy and is dedicated to safeguarding your personal data. See for more information.

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