Kings of Battleground (Unreleased) 1.00.32 [free]


Kings of the Battleground is an online shooter that pits you against other players in the ultimate battle for survival. Be the last man standing and become the king of the
battlefield! Enter the unforgiving wastelands of the former Soviet Union, riddled by sudden outbursts of radiation. You only have a few moments to get to safety, so never
stop pushing forward! Scavenge for weapons, aid and ammunition. Everything’s scarce, as dozens of other players do the same - and each of them wants to be the last
*** HEROES WITH UNIQUE ABILITIES: Choose the precise Sniper, the professional Spetsnaz, the ruthless Mercenary or another hero that fits your playstyle.
*** DOZENS OF TYPES OF WEAPONRY: Sniper rifle or pistol? Baseball bat or sharp knife? From the shadows or head on against your enemies - in this battle, there’s room for
any weapon!
*** ATMOSPHERIC GRAPHICS: First-person view, convenient character and camera controls and automatic shooting and object selection. Nothing will distract you from
*** HUGE APOCALYPTIC WORLD: Travel the vast wastelands of the former Soviet Union and scavenge for equipment. Use abandoned houses, bridges, railway tracks and underground
tunnels to ambush or hide from other players.
*** BATTLE FOR SURVIVAL: Fight against several dozen players on a location that constantly decreases in size. One wrong step and you may catch a lethal dose of radiation.
Always be on the move and become the ultimate champion.
Only the strongest will survive!

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  • App Name: Kings of Battleground (Unreleased)
  • Category: Arcade & Action
  • App Code: com.projectx.KOB
  • Version: 1.00.32
  • Requirement: 4.4 or higher
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  • Updated: 2018-06-28