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Take regular recordings of your heart rhythm. This can identify undetected cardiac rhythm disorders - primarily atrial fibrillation - and thereby help
prevent strokes.
According to the American Heart Association, stroke is the second most common cause of death worldwide. On the other hand, clinical studies have proven that nine out of
ten strokes are preventable. The main risk factors include undetected cardiac rhythm disorders, primarily atrial fibrillation.
Preventicus Heartbeats not only analyzes your pulse, but specifically your vital heart rhythm - simply and at any time using your smartphone camera without any accessory
devices. The app is clinically validated and designed to detect irregular heartbeats (e.g. ectopic beats) and check for the presence of any absolute arrhythmia suspicious
of atrial fibrillation. The app works with an accuracy nearly equivalent to that of an ECG tracing - as clinical studies have confirmed.
Measuring your heart rhythm regularly helps in prevention. Just as important as regular blood pressure measurements, Preventicus Heartbeats should therefore be your
constant companion in situations occurring in life where heart rhythm disorders occur with a greater frequency and, if left undetected, can have fatal consequences in the
face of risk factors like:
• High blood pressure
• Diabetes
• Age > 55 years in combination with risk factors
• Heart palpitations
• Previous arrhythmia(or atrial fibrillation)
• Previous heart attack
• Previous stroke
• Menopause
Preventicus Heartbeats lets you visualize your heart rhythm by recording it on a PDF report. That makes your heart rhythm analysis reproducible at any time for viewing by
you or your doctor.
The intended use of this app is to detect indications of cardiac arrhythmias in non-clinical environments. This includes the following cardiac arrhythmias: evidence of
absolute arrhythmia with suspicion of atrial fibrillation, detection of evidence of ectopic beats and determination of heart rate with evidence of bradycardia and
tachycardia, without further diagnostic differentiation.
Under no circumstances should this app be used to make decisions in life-threatening situations.
You can also book optional Telecare Services to support you and your doctor. Working at a Telecare Center, medical technicians specialized in the cardiac rhythm analysis
of pulse - related data offer you:
• A direct medical - technical evaluation of your recorded heartbeat data to rule out possible measurement errors and to verify rhythm disorders
• Detailed notes on potential rhythmic abnormalities to give to your doctor
• A summarizing Telecare Report, pass on to your doctor
Extra functions
Free test version:
• One - minute quick test with heart rhythm analysis: abnormal or not
Full Version (IAP):
• Five - minute test with heart rhythm analysis: normal(green), suspicious (yellow) or absolute arrhythmia suspicious of atrial fibrillation (red)
• Enhanced recording time features an excellent accuracy of approx. 95 %
• One - minute quick test possible any time too
• Heart rhythm data can be displayed on a PDF report, reproducible at any time for viewing by user and/or doctors
• All data can be archived
• Optionally bookable Telecare Services provided by third - party suppliers
Preventicus Heartbeats is a clinically validated medical device and a Class IIa certified medical device certified by TÜV NORD CERT GmbH that is in conformity with the
Essential Requirements of Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC or its respective national transpositions. The quality management system in place at Preventicus GmbH is
certified according to ISO 13485:2016. This standard provides the framework and specifies the international requirements for quality management systems, particularly those
governing manufacturers of medical devices.
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