Hidden Objects - Uncle Hank's Adventures [free]


Set off on an incredible hidden object puzzle adventure with old Uncle Hank spanning his messy farmhouse to the big city to even a well-deserved holiday in
After an uneventful trip to the market, farmer Uncle Hank returned home to find his beloved farmhouse completely turned upside down, making it really hard for poor old Uncle
Hank to get around, let alone finding all the objects he needed. He needs your help!
So, hop right into this free hidden object game and lend him a hand! Travel to different parts of the huge farmhouse in this hidden object farm adventure game, go through
the mess, and find the objects (and sometimes secrets) hidden within. Can you follow the trail of destruction to figure out the mystery? You’ll be in for quite the surprise,
that’s for sure!
Be sure to check the game app every now and then to join Uncle Hank on another one of his incredible hidden object puzzle adventures, complete with brand-new games to enjoy
and secrets to solve! Don’t miss out!
Hidden object game - 48 levels of hidden objects to find!
Join Uncle Hank on his many fun, colorful and incredible adventures
Meet interesting characters along the way
A hidden object mystery to solve and secrets to reveal
Beautiful graphics and figures
Easy, casual and free game to play
Challenge your memory by beating the levels again for a better star rating
Timed scenes - the clock is ticking!
Earn coins by completing levels and spend those coins on hints
Kid-friendly puzzles
Have an idea on how to make the game more fun or perhaps you think there are some features we should add to the game? Maybe you’ve found a bug or a problem that needs
Well, we would love to hear from you, please tell us about it at: [email protected]

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  • App Name: Hidden Objects - Uncle Hank's Adventures
  • Category: Casual
  • App Code: com.pikoya.unclehank
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  • Requirement: 5.1 or higher
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  • Updated: 2021-06-17