Truth or Dare. You Dare? 7.0.3 [free]


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• Top of truths or dares (Wait for it!).
Undoubtedly the most complete truth or dare application of the market, it is FREE and you can play it WITHOUT INTERNET. It is focused on social gatherings, with friends or
family, with unprecedented and innovative functions that will improve your experience with applications of this style in an insurmountable way.
Technical requirements:
• Requires Android 4.4 or higher.
• Does NOT require internet to play.
• Allows adding players or simply playing as anonymous.
• Novel system of points and shifts (who will lose?).
• Large number of challenges and predefined questions (we update periodically).
• Allows to add personalized questions (create your own questions in the truth or dare personalization center in options in the upper right corner, and ACTIVATE the
personalized questions with the switch to be able to visualize them in the categories, all ready, your truths and challenges Customized!).
• The game is divided between normal, couples, drunk and hot, making it suitable for all types of meetings.
• Activate and deactivate the personalized game mode (with the switch in the game options).
• "Directed to" challenges (the game will choose a person to which you should apply the challenge, eg: @Chris give a kiss to: @Alice.You can also create your own directed
• Share the App and the Challenges! Are you not close to the person you want to play with? You can send your truths and challenges through Facebook, Twitter, or WhatsApp
so there is no excuse not to play truth or challenge (the challenges are shared on the screen where it shows the challenge or truth). You can also help us and share the
link of our app. So your friends can download it too! (in the main screen of the game).
• Do not like the game system in turns? Play with THE BOTTLE! enter the ToD personalization center (top right), activate the "Bottle Mode" switch and READY !, you can play
with the bottle in the Normal, Drunk and Hot categories (not couples because... it is for couples), we also create a new category ONLY for the bottle, without challenges,
so you can use it at your own will. Live the uncertainty of THE BOTTLE, who will be next?
• TRUTH OR CHALLENGE NOW IS MULTI-LANGUAGE! you will have to choose your language at the beginning of the game (only once), then you can change it at any time in the
customization center (Options)! Languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese!
Next update:
TOP ToD (wait for it!)
• Our company is not responsible for the consequences of the challenges made by the people, players must perform the challenges under their own responsibility. Currently
the challenges of the application do not represent any danger, however we are not responsible for the challenges created by users on their devices (which do not go through
our verification at the TOP).

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  • App Name: Truth or Dare. You Dare?
  • Category: Casual
  • App Code: com.phonegap.VoR
  • Version: 7.0.3
  • Requirement: 4.4 or higher
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  • Updated: 2019-06-12