Ethiopian የአማርኛ ቅኔዎች Poetry 3.3 [free]


Ethiopian Amharic Cryptic Poetry የአማርኛ ቅኔዎች
Qine ቅኔ is a very short poem usually having two verses. Qine ቅኔ is a Cryptic Poetry having an obvious direct meaning (ሰም) and more importantly a secretive message (ወርቅ).
The Direct straight forward point of the poem is called ሰም Wax, and the hidden and twisted message of the poem is called ወርቅ Gold. It depends on the individual brilliance
to find out the cryptic secret (ወርቅ) point of the poem.
The formula to find the meaning of Qine is (as taught in schools); First point out the core verse, and find the core-phrase ቅኔ ህብረ ቃል or also called ቁልፉ ሀረግ meaning
key-phrase. This ህብረ ቃል contains both the wax and the Gold, (not all the time?!). Moreover, One needs to know the social context of the poem to crack down the the
mysterious or obscure meaning.
Qine (in both Ge'eze and Amharic language) as a poetry is used to express religious/spiritual (predominantly Orthodox Christianity) and social issues. This app contains
Qine poems that orbits around Social issues mainly love daily life struggle administrative issues (not-contemporary) and the likes.
The App contains selected commonly known Qines for your enjoyment. Its your duty to find out the wax and gold of the poems, better left for your imagination to wonder. We
hope you will like reading them.
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