My SOS Family - Emergency SOS 6.7.2 [free]


Need Help?Tap The App.
Direct-to-Family Alert system instantly arranges who's helping.
Our automated emergency alert system (NOT your phone) instantly calls and texts
Free for 30 days, you choose to upgrade.
Traditional alert systems are slow & expensive
Busy call centres call family one-by-one.
Instead, WE Instantly Call & SMS EVERYONE.
Everyone’s updated when someone responds,
So others can relax and carry-on.
Emergency Contacts DON’T need an App, Data or Wi-Fi – Only require any simple phone
Family, Co-workers and Friends are ALL Instantly Alerted by SMS, Emergency Phone Calls and email.
Never alone My SOS Family linked to My Android Phone
No isolation for your relations, Help Alerts includes location.
Works with Amazon Alexa or Google Home Speakers (Link your App Account)
Who’s it for?
Those wanting to protect people they Care about to provide “Peace of Mind” for everyone.
Users include:
- Seniors and Elderly and their Carers (easy-to-use),
- Safety Alarm for the Elderly,
- Concerned employers improving Employees Protection and Safety e.g. Lone Workers,
- Travellers and holiday makers abroad especially when travelling alone, 
- Family and friends who spend time Alone and have their Phone.
1. Send SOS alerts Tap the App
2. Keep phones Power button pressed – without unlocking the phone (turn on in app settings)
3. Tap the shortcut button on home screen (create a shortcut)
Use your Voice:
4. Say “OK Google Open My SOS Family App” (turn on in app settings)
Unique Feature
5. Set SOS Timer for up-to 24 hours, it’s like telling someone, if I don't return, come and help me.
The Timer starts in our safety cloud and if you’re unable to cancel the timer, because something happened to you, we alert everyone when the timer ends.
Advanced user features:
6. Add a customised message to your SOS alerts
7. Allows you to take or add a photo with SOS alarm alert.
8. Press earphone buttons to discreetly trigger alerts
9. Choose to send alerts instantly to everyone simultaneously or one person after another
10. Send Check-In email updates with the location to let certain people know where you are or what you’re doing, give you and them peace of mind and a log to refer to should
something happen.
11. Connect Bluetooth devices to trigger SOS (any Bluetooth device like a selfie button)
12. Autodial Your Local Emergency Services for your country (see settings)
Use the app to discover more …
Your first 30 days is free with all features, you then decide to upgrade or lose the protection.
Subscription Plans: 
Upgrading to a paid account and continue to get unlimited SOS alerts using SMS and Alert Phone
Calls to your SOS Contacts.
You can upgrade and get unlimited SMS and Phone Call Alerts by purchasing one of the following
subscription plans:-
- Monthly subscription: $3.49 / month (US) £3.49 (GB)
- Annual subscription: $33.99 / year (US) £33.99 (GB)
- One Month Pass: $4.99 for one month (US), £4.99 (GB) does not auto renew.
Your One Month Pass is a one-time purchase and does not renew. After one month your account will
downgraded to a free account, where SOS alerts will only be sent to your SOS contacts by email.
Please ensure you have added email information to your SOS Contacts.
Prices may vary for your territory due to exchange rates. For more info, check
Terms of Use:
Privacy Policy:
Please note:
- Your contacts do not require the app to receive alerts.
- The app requires reception to use features. If no data is available, the app creates an SMS message
ready to send or you can call the special number to start the alert process.
- Using location services or continued use of GPS in the background can dramatically decrease
battery life.
Try it and experience the World’s easiest Emergency SOS Personal Safety Alert App.

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