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monUnique™ is a vector art design tool & exceptional design generator that allows users to easily create multiple designs from a particular image. Our
ground-breaking process makes us a versatile design tool, creator & vector maker.
Design stunning digital art by selecting any of your photos and applying one or more of the monUnique™ design filters to create multiple Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)
based designs. The designs can consist of multiple design objects of varied shapes and textures. We give you powerful design tools to show case creativity.
Create jaw-dropping digital art at a glance with our astounding design, digital vector art & svg creator!
As a powerful design generator app we have a simple UI with three modules:
️Photo Selection Module
Click a photograph or select a photograph from photo gallery.
View Design Module
Select a Design Filter and view all the existing designs in the filter.
✍️Edit Design Module
Edit an existing design or create a totally new design by adding various shapes from one or more Design Filters.
It supports transformations like: rotation, scaling, translation and flipping. Change different properties of a shape or a like: texture, stroke color, fill, overlay,
opacity etc. The digital art, vector creator & design tool also supports Text of various fonts.
Music Visualization
Visualize music by using various shapes. The tutorial link is :
ℹ️HOW TO USE OUR PHOTO DESIGN TOOL APP:1) PHOTO VIEW - PICK A SEED IMAGE Take a photo using camera or select a photo from the gallery. The photo will be displayed in the view. This will be the seed image
for generating designs.2) VIEW YOUR DESIGNS - Touch the view design tab (second tab). The designs from the default filter (Wings) will be displayed. The texture of the shape and design
changes with a simple tap.
- This view has three modes. Single mode is to view the shapes in the filter (left and right swipe to change shapes). The Multiple mode shows design having multiple
instances of the same shape (left and right swipe to change the shape, up and down swipe to change the design). The Mixed mode shows designs containing different shapes
(use up and down swipe to view the designs).
- Toggle the tile switch to tile the design
- Tap the filter icon to show list of filters and select a filter
- Save the image in the gallery or share it in social media
- Change the design properties by clicking the properties icon3) CREATE & EDIT DESIGNS Touch the Edit Design Tab (third tab) to edit the current design in the view or create a new design from scratch.
- The svg design generator supports a Normal and a Wallpaper mode. In wallpaper mode if a shape is moved to the corner or the edge the invisible parts of the shape are
shown on the other edges or corners. This gives the design continuity.
- Touch the "+" icon to display the list of filters. Select filter and a list of shapes is displayed. Select a shape to add it to the design.
- Touch the "a" icon to display list of fonts. Tap the font and you can enter text and select its size to be added to the design.
- Double tap any shape to get into Edit Mode. In edit mode you can
* move, resize, and rotate the design.
* Touch the new icon to create a new empty design.
* Touch the trash icon to delete a shape.
* Touch the ">" and "<" icon to select next or previous shape.
* Touch the "up" and "down icon to move the shape one order up or down.
* Touch the "top" and "bottom" icon to move the shape to top or bottom.
* Touch the flip icons to flip vertically or horizontally.
* Touch the properties icon to change the shape texture, opacity, fill, overlay
- Share, save, tile the design and change design properties
Download this powerful photo design maker, svg creator and svg editor to make stunning designs, art and posters

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