Transcendental Meditation & Happy Relaxation Music 2.68 [free]


Our meditation gurus help clear your mindspace, boost self-esteem, reduce anxiety and enjoy better sleep with simple transcendental meditation techniques for a happier
perspective. Mindbliss is taught by world-renowned teachers and uses an AI-powered algorithm for binaural beats meditation and relaxing music.
Mindbliss is the best way to meditate & offers mindfulness breathing exercises tools to overcome stress, anxiety, and grief through positive affirmations and
confidence boosters.
Mindbliss’ calming simple guided meditation tools were designed by the best teachers to help you cultivate a powerful daily personal practice, gain valuable insight and
become happier. You can pick and choose your favorite tools from seven different categories and Mindbliss’ highly intelligent algorithm will help you discover sessions and
journeys that best fit the needs of your practice.
✓ Calming meditations that reduce anxiety and give you stress relief.
✓ Transcendental meditation exercises to build self-esteem, self-confidence and better perspective.
✓ Advanced Brain Entrainment Technology using binaural beats meditation for deep positive transformation.
✓ Sophisticated Breathing Exercises to synchronize the body and mind and calm your nervous system.
✓ Visualization Exercises for clarity, self-confidence, positive affirmations and mental rehearsals.
✓ Vast library of relaxation music and sounds.
✓ 3D Nature Soundscapes - meditation sounds for restorative journeys of the mind and spirit.
✓ Positive Affirmations for happy mental health, self-empowerment and grateful wanderlust.
✓ Hypnotherapy to overcome anxiety and gain control over subconscious fears and self-esteem.
✓ Loving Kindness Meditation or Metta Meditation
✓ Expert teachers and meditation gurus to help you clear your mindspace and sleep better.
There are 2 ways to enjoy Mindbliss:
1 - Sessions - Relax and become present with single sit meditations and save your favorites for offline listening for a clear mindspace.
2 - Journeys - Take your practice deeper by engaging in a series of meditation sessions that span multiple parts over 5 to 9 days.
- Anyone can try Mindbliss for free transcendental meditation exercises and instantly get access to 15 sessions, 3 journeys, and daily meditation sessions.
- Monthly and yearly plans grant instant access to the entire collection of over 300 meditations and 12 journeys, with new sessions added regularly.
Mindbliss offers a subscription option:
Monthly for $11.99
Yearly for $79.99 (save 44%)
The are no contracts or commitments when you sign up for Mindbliss Premium. You can cancel or turn off auto-renew anytime from within the app. Future payments for the
following month upon cancellation will not be billed to you.
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