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Namaste! Here we are, once again with The Indian Wedding! It's all about, the Bride and the Groom, the Makeover and the Makeup, the Traditions and the Customs, the Fashion
and the Style, the Ethnic and the Modern, the Wedding and the Preparations - We have covered these all from pre-wedding to post-wedding, from head to toe, from fun to
memories!In this game you will get indian fashion mehndi,dressup,makeover,spa,style,groom,bride,wedding,arranged,texting,honeymoon,shopping,car decoration,doli
decoration,saree fashion,invitation cards making,gajra,kalire,waistband,bangles,jewellery and many more phases. It's all about the Traditions and the Customs.
Get ready for this country theme wedding makeover and it's preparations! Give your presence by playing this The Indian Wedding and witness this Asian wedding by
participating in below activities:
Invitation Card Making :
Once the wedding date gets finalized, in a good Muhurat(Muhurat is a Hindu unit of measurement for time in the Hindu Calendar) - The Brahmin, after invoking Lord Ganesha
and Kuldevta( family deity, that is either a god or goddess) , writes a letter of invitation, First which addresses Lord Ganesha followed by Kuldevta then to groom's
family and then to all relatives and friends to attend the wedding and shower blessings on the bride and groom.
Henna For Hands :
Mehendi ceremondy has a deep rooted cultural signifigance to it. It is considered as a shagun - sign of good luck. It signifies the love and affection between the couple
and their families. It also has some medicinal properties like it's cooling effect that aids in soothing stress, headaches and fever. So it is applied to relieve the bride
from all wedding stress.
Haldi For The Bride :
Indian wedding has multiday affairs. Haldi is one of them, a pre-wedding ceremony. The yellow color of turmeric is considered very auspicious in the Indian traditions. It
brings prosperity for the couple who are starting their new life together. Many people believe Haldi saves the bride and groom from the evil spirits. Haldi is also known
to have properties that leaves the bride's skin radiant and glowing.
Haldi For The Groom :
Haldi is a fun and auspicious prewedding ritual, it is equally important for the groom too, as it marks a good beginings for a couple!
Mandap Decoration :
Indian weddings thrive on the idea of a Mandap - a special space allocated for the bride, groom, priest conducting a ceremony, immediate family members and close friends
during the wedding. This is the center of the focus as the bride and groom will take their wedding vows here and everyone else will witness this holy ceremony.
Car/Doli Decoration :
Earlier and still in some cultures, bride leaves her parents home in doli after the wedding.Doli refers to the actual ceremony of a bride departing the home of her
parents. Nowadays, mostly everyone uses wedding car to take the bride to her in-laws home after all the marriage rituals have taken place.
Spa :
Every bride wants to exude the most beautiful version of herself on her wedding day.Pamper her skin for the happy glow she will have on her big day.
Hands Decoration :
Choora is a set of bangles. It is an important part of Sixteen adornments. This is one of the evident marks of a new bride.It is a belief that choora brings good luck for
newlyweds and strengthens the bond between couple.
Kalire :
The kalire are tied to the bride's bangles by her friends and family. Kalire is a way to provide good wishes to the bride and remind her of her loved ones she will leave
behind after the wedding.
Waistband :
A pretty ornament, waistband is a beautiful belt, that adds Grace to a bride. It signifies the assumption of authority at the bride's new home.
Download this Indian Wedding Makeover and Makeup Game now and have a good time enjoying indian culture!
Hope you all would like it! Let us know your suggestions/feedbacks, we will be more than happy to hear them!

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