Gangster && mafia: Los Angeles thug life dream 1.54 [free]


Welcome to LA underground life dream. Gangster game where crime mafia thug wars become commonness city rules. Explosion, destruction, and heist in this battle arena is the
usual thing such as fueling your tank or helicopter while rivals try to catch you. Daily work, isn't it?
You are one of the kids from the street, dreaming about better life, money, supercars and women's. But you have no prospects for a better life because of grand legends
which dictate city rules in the world of crime. Now you are a young street thief who makes money for living on theft cars and little crimes. It's depend on you, how would
you build your thag life.
First time when you tasted the blood of deals you were caught by SWAT force and cops. All that you have left after the conclusion is old prison jeans and Carol Johnson's
shirt.In prison you meet grand gangster Tommy, his right hand Frank, and Micheal, your life changes completely. They teach you how to drive military vehicles, shoot with
rocket launcher and use jet pack. You start to make tasks and missions that will help you advance in gangster game. Besides, you start earning huge amounts of money and
attracting the attention of women. From theft to mafia grand gangster godfather to have better life.
Your life dream is to become Los Angeles urban godfather or vice gangster and build your own crime mafia empire. But police and mafia thug's do not agree with you and they
would make your thug life dream mega hard.
In your world crime rampage grand wars gangster vs mafia, you will be helped by all kinds of weapons and military vehicles found in Los Angeles urban open world. Fly on
jet pack to find some extra bonus on the roof. Use all that you find! Mafia thug guys never walk alone, and always attack in the crowd, so do not be a hero. With special
power-ups, you can change the way of street battle gun war. Destroy buildings with rocket launcher Complete missions, earn money, buy a weapon and extra tools, explore Los
Angeles urban, break grand legends city rules. Nobody would stop your thug life dream.
In Los Angeles thug life you would have all features which help you in your crime rampage grand to kill other grand legends. Mafia thug's and other grand legends city
would always remember your nick, as urban godfather who won in gangster vs mafia wars.Gangster && mafia: thug life dream features:
- Free open world (TPS: third-person shooter)
- Military vehicles to control
- Real gangster car theft
- More than 30 missions
- Special weapons
- Power-ups are really freaks like jet pack or god-modeCar theft, tanks, and others military vehicles.
Explore a big Los Angeles urban open world, find all hidden vehicles and special weapons. Theft cars, do a perfect crime, complete mafia missions to become a real gangster
or even godfather. Rule the city as you want. It's criminal paradise for everyone.Most crazy and freak weapons:
- Golden Gun
- Machine gun
- Turret
- Rocket launcher
Gangster game is the chance to become the urban godfather and have the better life.
Real crime game on your phone! The dream begins to come true.
Los Angeles open world gangster game supports smartphones and tablets. To running need to have minimum Android 7.0 or higher, 1GB RAM and pretty nice CPU/GPU
Free to download: Gangster && mafia: Los Angeles thug life dream

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