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Lizards suborder of reptiles of the order of scaly. Suborder lizards is not biologically clearly defined category and includes all scaly except snakes and dvuhodok. Snakes
are probably descended varanoidnyh lizards and biological principles can also be considered as lizards but conventionally allocated to a separate suborder.
Unlike snakes most lizards are available in varying degrees developed limbs. Although legless lizard looks like a serpent they retain the sternum and the majority limb
girdle Unlike snakes the left and right halves of the jaw apparatus still fused. A characteristic feature of the suborder is also incomplete ossification front of the
cranium and no more than two sacral vertebrae.
In the eyes limbless are usually equipped with a separate movable eyelids while snakes eyelids are fused to form in her eyes transparent lens. They also differ in a number
of other features such for example as the structure and the structure of the scales.
Many species are able to cast a part of the tail. After a while the tail is restored but in a shortened form. During autotomy specific muscles constrict the blood vessels
in the tail and the bleeding hardly occurs.
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