Word Counter - Writer Journal 2.1 [free]


Note taking and word counting app designed for people who love writing daily journal or to analyze text content.
Top features:
1. Live Analyzers:
* Count words,character,sentences,paragraphs in real time as you type.
* Calculate your typing speed in real time.
* Count unique words and unique words density in real time as you type.
* Guess the language of the input text.
* Calculate lexical density and lexical diversity of the input text in real time as you type. (Lexical density and diversity are very important measurement to tell lexical
richness of the text content.)
* Count lexical words and grammar words in real time as you type. (Crucial information for writing content rich journals.)
* Count punctuation and punctuation density. (Important value for writing better journals,in terms of structure of the text.)
* Count digits, emails, links, hashtags in real time as you type. (Important information because some social media post limits the number of links or hashtags to be included
in the text.)
* More live analyzers included for writing better content.
* Color indicator bar shows if any of the above mentioned count or calculation is above or below the specified value. ( Efficient way to track the value visually.)
2. Complete text analysis:
* Statistics page:
Showing the most important and detailed statistics information of the input text, showing statistics like character count without space, text size in byte and KiloByte and
Count of words, characters, sentences, paragraphs, unique words, average words/sentence/paragraph length, shortest word/sentence/paragraph length, longest
word/sentence/paragraph length etc.
Count of emails, links, hashtags.
Reading/Speaking/Writing time of the input text.
* Frequency page:
Showing individual words with its usage frequency in the input text, filter words by lexical words or grammar words. (Must-have feature for SEO or ASO optimization
* Extractor page:
Extract specific information from the input text like email address, phone number, links, hashtags, sentences, questions, exclamations.
3.Notes management:
* Save the text as note and organize with folders and sub-folders.
The word counter app is still in its infant stage,tons of new features are coming ahead, don't forget to give us 5 stars to make it better :)
Any bugs or improvement suggestions? please drop a message at: [email protected]

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