GPS status 1.1.1 [free]


This application is a set of several tools that we collected for you in one complete application where through it you can:
1- Know the location of satellites in space compared to your location , this location are Illustrated on a compass in different forms(gps in a circle form,glonass in the
form of a triangle and other forms for the other satellites......)
this forms are colored according to signal strength.You can
also display and hide what you want.
2- Graphic columns which present the signal strength of satellites.
3- Know the location of the sun and the moon in the sky compared to your location .
4- Sunrise and sunset and disappearing.
5- Compass
6- The location
*Your location in the form of coordinates(Longitude, latitude and altitude).
*Your location in the form of address (city, country).
*You can display your location on Google Maps
*You can share your location
*You can send the track to you
7- AGPS service that Accelerates The process of GPS reform and detects location.
8- Calculation of speed
9- Know all the directions according to the magnetic North which is obtained by the sensors of your device.
10- Know all the directions according to the true north which is calculated by the internet network or the GPS(GLOBAL POSITIONING SYSTEM).
11- Know all the directions with the GPS compass via the GPS world localization system.
12- Know the power of the magnetic field to know if there are overlaps or not.
Permissions needed:
*The location: We need this to show your location or re-determine location
*Internet: used to get AGPS data

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