Lobi Free game, Group chat 16.1.12 [free]


nakamap has been changed to Lobi.
This is rebirth to group chat service “for Gamers”.
No telephone number needed.
No even register needed.
Just put your Twitter, Facebook or E-mail account.
Easier than mail. Closer than Twitter.
Fun for people.
Topic for group.
Strategy for gamers.
1. Create Private group
Mail is too late. Twitter doesn’t have privacy.
But Lobi enables fast private communication.
2. Sticker! Sticker!!
Laugh, sad or any other emotion stickers.
Sticker chat is easier and more fun!
Now you will get MANY collaboration stickers with games.
3. Sub-account
You can be another character in your playing game.
There are several sub-account for each games.
4. Strict Location Service
“Where r u?” “Here!!”
No worry about getting lost.
Lobi has perfect map and GPS.
You can chat from where you are, and send it to friend.
[How to use Lobi]
1. Signin to Lobi
Twitter, Facebook or E-mail, which ever you want you can signin.
2. Invite friend
Invite your Twitter, Facebook, Contacts friend.
Or you can put them via QR code or wi-fi network.
3. Send message
Let’s talk with friend, co-worker or family.
If you turn on GPS, it will be useful at camp, party or event.
[The way to enjoy more]
1. Play with friends
This is great for gamers.
You can “Shout” when you want some help.
2. Good for security
Location service is good for children.
Parents can know where is children are.
3. See where your friends are...
If you are free, or feel boaring, you can find your friends neer by.
--- How Lobi works? ---
Lobi is named from word “Lobby”.
Lobby, in gaming world, means the waiting place before game.
This FREE app connect game and user, user and user, user and fun.
Let’s see how is today’s adventure!

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  • Updated: 2020-02-07