Smart Calculator 4.2.7 [free]


SmartWho's Smart Calculator is possible to calculate the most accurate in the world. (World Best Calculator)
International standard numeric format support (by country) - group symbols, grouping size, decimal symbol (user settable)
Various calculations, the necessities of life, such as the tip calculation, N division, unit conversion function includes
[ Simple Calculator ]
☆ Calculator Description
COPY/SEND : Copy to the clipboard the calculated value / Transfer
CLR : Clear the calculated value
MC : Memory Clear
MR : Memory Return
MS : Memory Save
M+ : Memory Plus The calculated value
M- : Memory Minus The calculated value
M× : Memory Multiply The calculated value
M÷ : Memory Divide The calculated value
% : Percent Operator
± : 1.Negative input 2.Positive and negative conversion
- Shake the device to initialize calculation screen (CLEAR function)
- Keypad Vibration On / Off function
- Keypad typing sound On / Off function (sound volume in the sound settings of the machine settings)
- Provide memory calculation function (MC, MR, MS, M+, M-)
- adjustable decimal size
- Set custom converter supports
Grouping adjustable size
Group separator can be changed
Decimal separator can be changed
[ Scientific calculator ]
The highest performance scientific calculator is provided.
[ Tip Calculator and N Split ]
- Tip calculator and N partitioning
- Adjustable tip percent
- Adjustable personnel division
[ Unit Converter ]
- Supports conversion of various units as follows:
[ Date Calculator ]
Calculates the date gap for the selected period.
The results are provided as a translation of the day, week, month, and year.
[ Size Table ]
- Supports conversion of various sizes as follows

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