MUFMI – Movilizamos tu región 1.12.1 [free]


With our on-demand shared mobility service you can travel at your convenience, with the safety and the economy of public transport. Within your service zone
or connecting through stations and airports with the rest of the world. We’ll take you there. On-Time.
It’s easy:
1) Introduce the address of your origin and your destination. You will see immediately which vehicle is prepared to pick you up.
2) Book your trip. You will receive instructions to walk to the (virtual or physical) bus stop. In the meantime, you can see the details of your vehicle and watch it moving
on the map: typically, a microbus or a taxi operating on behalf of our local MUFMI partner.
3) Greet your fellow travellers! To make your trip economically and ecologically sustainable you may be sharing it with other people going to similar places.
4) Rate your trip. You will arrive to a virtual or a physical bus stop, or to a public transport interchange to seamlessly continue your trip by bus or train. We’d love to
know your opinion!
Ask your public transport provider if they offer already the pleasure of traveling and connecting with MUFMI.
MUFMI offers transport operators and alliances the possibility to easily implement flexible mobility at times and places, where maintaining a sustainable, high-quality
service is a real challenge.
MUFMI does not compete with buses, trains and taxis. It is part of the system. It will not add but reduce traffic.
We use the industry-leading technology of ioki, a subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn AG (German Railways), which allows balancing in real-time offer with demand, integrating
on-demand services into existing timetables and fare structures.
MUFMI finally allows operators to offer the kind of service expected by the customers of modern transit systems.
MUFMI plans, manages and operates on-demand mobility services und its own or the operator’s brand.

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