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We absolutely believe HangXun Sudoku is the best Sudoku game , and it is free sudoku games with all free sudoku puzzles. Whether you want to sharpen your mind or relax
your heart, you should give this classic Sudoku game a try. More you play, your brain will become more active. During your commute, before you sleep ... enjoy downtime
with brain training.
Welcome to Sudoku World! Train your brain!
1. Design each puzzle professionally, guarantee high quality of puzzles.
2. 6 difficulty levels of beginner to evil, for both kids and expert.
3. Use hints and checks for puzzles which are too hard.
4. Turn on note mode to make notes as on paper.
5. Daily Sudoku make you compete with global sudoku master.
6. Sudoku barrier with 1500 levels from easy to evil, designed elaborately.
7. Sudoku Editor and Sudoku Solver, create your own Sudoku.
8. Support sunset and midnight themes, make eyes feel more comfortable.
More useful function you could find
1. Support phone and tablets.
2. Player ranking and daily ranking for compete.
3. Highlight duplicates numbers in same row, column and block.
4. Highlight cells which are in same row, column and block.
5. Auto-Save unfinished game.
6. Unlimited undo.
7. Excellent sound effect.
8. Timer, you can also disable it in settings.
How to play sudoku?
- Sudoku puzzle consists of a grid of 9 blocks.
- Each block contains 3 rows and 3 columns grid.
- Some grids are pre-filled with numbers, which cannot be changed.
- The objective is to fill all the grids with 1 to 9 numbers,and each column, each row, and each of block contains only one of each digit.
Thanks for your selecting HangXun Sudoku Game! We will try our best to make the game better and better.

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  • App Name: Sudoku - sudoku master
  • Category: Brain & Puzzle
  • App Code: com.hangxun.sudoku
  • Version: 1.6.8
  • Requirement: 2.3.3 or higher
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  • Updated: 2020-01-16