Era of Angels 1.537.214580 [free]


The demonic hordes have rampaged across the land and finally reached the gates of Divinity, the last bastion of humanity. The fate of man and the world now hangs on a
single thread of hope. As the darkness descends from all sides, the Angels looked to their greatest champions. Answer the call and embark on the Path of the Vanquisher!
For the glory of Midgarte!
[Ultimate Game Experience]
Smooth controls, smart force feedback, realistic sounds, and stunning visuals integrated with superb animation effects and detailed 3D graphics bring you the ultimate game
experience on mobile.
[Original Angel Transformation System]
With the original Angel Transformation system, courageous heroes can transform into invincible angels and mow down murderous demon hordes. Angels with different
capabilities are waiting to be unsealed in your journey, harness angelic power and use them wisely to face different dilemmas!
[Sprite Companions]
In Era of Angels, sprites are your most loyal protectors. In the heat of battle, they will always be right by your side! Different sprites provide different forms of
assistance, and you may switch between them at will, opening up a wealth of strategies to help you overcome any situation.
[Spectacular Costumes]
Era of Angels contains a bewildering array of spectacular costumes, complete with awesome glow effects. So now there's no excuse not to look your best, even on the
[Real-Time PvP Battles]
From the 1v1 real-time combat of Showdown to the multiplayer brawls of the Sanguine Contest and Lava Expedition, Era of Angels is filled with action-packed combat and
generous spoils for the victors.
[Boss Hunts]
The Path of the Vanquisher is paved with amazing equipment, and hunting bosses is the main way of getting equipment and crafting materials in Era of Angels. Kill world
bosses, instance bosses, the evil dragons that show up for limited amounts of time, or any of the many other bosses to earn handsome rewards and send your BR soaring.

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  • App Name: Era of Angels
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  • Version: 1.537.214580
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  • Updated: 2019-07-04