Vertex Simple Vehicle Tracking 2.5.2470 [free]


Vertex Simple Vehicle Tracking app is the mobile app which enables you to take full advantage of Vertex Intelligent Fleet Management Solution on your
android phone. The app is made with simplicity in mind and this makes it easy to use for everyone.
The intuitively simple app seems to know exactly what you want to achieve from a vehicle tracking app.
The map view (TRACKING) shows all your vehicles with real time movement. Your position is also shown which makes it easy for you to relate with the locations of your
vehicles. This also helps you to reach your vehicle easily.
The details of vehicle movement is shown in the HISTORY tab which can be expanded by swiping the screen up in the same view. Trip details such as when and where the
vehicle was started, the distance traveled, when the vehicle was stopped, how much time it was parked etc are all shown in the expanded view. A click on any of the trips
will draw the route travelled by the vehicle during that trip on the map with start and finish flags. Amazing! Isn't it?
The INFO window shows details like the Engine Status, Mileage, Engine Hours etc.
Any abnormal activity which needs to be notified can be set up such as vehicle theft, unusual usage after working hours, joy rides, leaving city limits etc. The
possibilities of creating alerts are seemingly endless with mixing and matching various conditions to be monitored. These notifications appear as mobile notifications even
when the app is not open and visible. The phone profile settings can be tweaked so that a distinct tone is set for notifications to attract attention in case of critical
alerts. This ensures that you won't miss any important notification.
You can also opt to turn off notifications through the SETTINGS menu item where you can also tweak or modify various options of the app all by yourself.
Without a second thought, it can be said that the notification capability is the most useful feature of the app when it comes to security or surveillance.
Vertex Intelligent Fleet Management Solution is a managed service and you can avail all the utilities of the service through the mobile app itself using the CHAT WITH US
feature in the main menu. You can chat with our technical support specialists and inform them of any special requirements that you may have. We will set it up for
A FEEDBACK menu item is also available where you can directly write an email to the support if you need any assistance or service.
The UNITS menu item is used to select the vehicles you need to monitor. The screen will be zoomed and centered in such a way that the vehicles you selected will always
appear in the center.
How can I login to this app?
For this you need to get in touch with us at [email protected] We will provide you with username/password with which you can login to the app.
What do I need to have in addition to this to use this app?
You need an active hardware of software tracker connected to Vertex IFMS.
What is a hardware tracker?
A hardware tracker is a device with a SIM card which is connected to a vehicle's electrical system.
Where can I get a hardware tracker?
We will send this to you by courier. The device comes pre-configured with wiring instructions. Your neighbourhood auto electrician will be able to fix it for you. The
fixing usually takes less than 30 minutes. Once connected, your vehicle will appear online in the app within a few seconds.
Where can I get a software tracker?
We will send you a software tracker by email. You can install this on your smartphone and set it up as per the instructions that we will send you. After you start the
service your position will get updated in the app within a few seconds. From this moment, the tracker location will be updated in the app.
(Please note that this app should be used in accordance with the privacy regulations applicable in your country of residence and any illegal or inappropriate use of the
same is prohibited.)

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