Battleslain: Goblins RPG v0.96.6.1 [free]


Battleslain: Goblins is a beautifully crafted mini RPG with a dash of idle and incremental features. The game world is heavily inspired by Norse mythology and the
absurdity of it all.
Midgaard has fallen to the Goblin swarm.
The Gods Of Old sends a hero to aid the burning world of men. You - a true hero, once slain in battle, will be entrusted to wield the power of runes.
You must once more be a hero and rise to defend mankind before it is forever lost to the Goblin Hive.
“Return to Midgaard. Shield the humans from this filth. Crush the Goblin Hive”
- Odinn The Wise
▶ Quests
- Recover rare, epic or even legendary quests and treasures
- Get rewarded with gear and powerful flasks (buffs)
- Non-linear quest system. Choose what to do
▶ Enter Veteran Brawls (level 5)
- Use clever strategies to defeat veterans
- Obtain rare and epic quality loot
- Veterans increase their power every time they are killed
▶ Talent Master
- Level up to unlock talents
- Make strategies to overcome certain enemies
- Choose the talents that suits your playstyle
- Upgrade talents using points from ascension
▶ Ascension
- Ascend to grow permanently more powerful
▶ Merchant
- Buy potions and poisons to aid your journey
▶ Offline gold
- Your camp will defend and earn you gold - even when you’re not playing

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  • Version: v0.96.6.1
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  • Updated: 2019-02-12