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Family and individual health comes from planned eating. Famealy is the Do-It-Yourself meal calendar & planner for your family. It makes it very easy for you to plan
ahead your meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks. For fitness, you need the right nutrition for every family member, in addition to exercise.
Every family member eats differently. With Famealy, you can specify who's eating what. It's versatile - you can use Famealy as a general meal calendar & meal planner
for your family, as a pregnancy meal planner, or baby meal planner, or a meal planner for your Keto & Paleo diet regimes for weight loss.
You can also share your meal calendar snapshot with your friends and extended family. Be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, WhatsApp or other apps - you can share
with everyone. On Android versions below 6.0, this requires you to grant Media & Files Storage access permission to Famealy - the permission is strictly only used for
Sharing functionality.
Involve your family in meal planning. Share your calendar with everyone in your family. It's that simple. No more "What's for dinner?" questions and no more fast-food
orders because you didn't decide what to eat. To help your entire family be on the same page for what's to be bought from market, Famealy also has a shared shopping
"Planning when to eat meals and snacks and not skipping breakfast, are patterns associated with healthier diets, which could reduce cardiovascular disease risk" - American
Heart Association (2017)
- Be Better Prepared
- Avoid unhealthy food
- Get your family involved
- Avoid food wastage
- Make changes easily
- Print when needed via website
- Manage every taste bud
- Share your meal calendar snapshot with your friends
Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)
Question: Is Famealy a food-service?
Answer: No. Famealy is a mobile app and a website that you utilize using your web browser (no downloads). It helps you create a meal plan (diet chart) for your family (or
group) yourself and follow it every day. You can share the meal plan with everyone you made it for, let them make changes, or take a printout. Use it to be disciplined and
prepared about your family's healthy eating. There are a lot of benefits of planning meals.
Question: Will Famealy automatically make a meal plan for me?
Answer: No, Famealy is a mobile app and a website that helps you make the plan online. It doesn't recommend food automatically for you. You can get help from your
Nutritionist or Meal Planner or Diet Consultant (or give them access to your meal calendar to enter the diet chart) to make the meal plan if you desire.
Question: We can't decide what to eat, and often end up ordering fast-food. Help!
Answer: If you spend just 60 seconds thinking about your next day's meals and jot it down, you'll be better prepared to cook or order healthy food at that moment. Planning
ahead once a week is even easier and takes a few minutes.
We are here to help and answer your questions. Use "Contact Us" from the app to get in touch with us.

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