PocketRogue(Simple-RogueLike) 2.3.1 [free]


◆ Overview
Pocket rogue is simple
It is a roguelike game.
It can be operated easily with one hand.
Please go to school and commute time for commuting.
◆ Game description
· About the button
Direction button: Move to where the arrow points
Compass button: Indicates the direction the player is facing. You can change the direction clockwise when pressed.
Menu button: Displays the item column. Weapons can be equipped and items can be used.
Remote attack button: Attacks with a bow and arrow. You can use it many times.
Melee attack button: Attacks with a sword.
· bout characters
【|】:Vertical Wall
【-】:Horizontal wall
【@】:Player (you)
【&】:Adventurer's Will (adventure hint)
【)】:Melee attack weapon (sword)
【(】:Remote attack weapon (arrow)
【$】:Advertising store
【A to Z】: Monster
· About color of monster
White: Beast-type monster
Brown: Spirit-type monster
Gray: Devil series monster
Green: Reptile monster
· About the color representing the state
Green: Very poisonous condition
Purple: Sleep state
Gray: frail condition
Pink: confused state
Blue: frozen state
Red: Serious condition
◆ Other
※ Rankings are deleted irregularly

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  • App Name: PocketRogue(Simple-RogueLike)
  • Category: Role Playing
  • App Code: com.game.sh_crew.pocketrogue
  • Version: 2.3.1
  • Requirement: 5.0 or higher
  • File Size : 24 MB
  • Updated: 2020-04-06