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Fretello helps you take your guitar playing skills to the level that you know you can achieve. All you need is a guitar and 20 minutes per day. That’s
probably the time you’ve been searching for guitar tutorials on YouTube last time, isn’t it?
Connect with over 75.000 musicians worldwide, who already use Fretello apps to take their playing to the next level.Learn Guitar Faster & More Effectively
Fretello’s comprehensive and unique guitar lessons help you to learn guitar faster and permanently. Join the 16 week journey that will teach you how to play those solos
that you’ve always dreamed of playing and how to improvise more effectively.Continuously improve your guitar skills
Fretello listens to you as you play the guitar via your smartphone’s microphone. It uses this information to create individualized practice routines, adapts your guitar
practice speed and explains to you how you can improve your guitar skills efficiently.Guitar lessons for beginners and professionals
Fretello supercharges your guitar playing. It helps beginners to learn guitar by understanding the fretboard and the importance of scales. Advanced players benefit from an
efficient guitar practice routine, personalized exercises and deepened understanding of music.Take your guitar playing skills to the next level
Fretello helps you understand different scales, such as the pentatonic or major scale, it teaches you how to efficiently use fingering patterns, and how to improvise and
play solos over any chord progression.Use your guitar exercises in practice
With Fretello you build profound and comprehensive knowledge about music theory and your guitar. Fretello teaches you how to apply everything you learn during the guitar
lessons in practice by providing you with backing tracks that you jam to and apply your skills.The efficient guitar course app
Fretello uses proven and unique methodologies to train your fine motor skills and muscle memory. It has been tested by guitar teachers with more than 200 guitarists for
multiple years and is based on state-of-the-art musicological evidence. This allows you to reach your full potential as a guitarist.This is what Fretello offers to you
• Personalized practice routines that fit your individual needs to effectively learn guitar
• More than 15.000 guitar play exercises from the pentatonic and major scale
• Techniques such as alternate picking, legato, economy picking and double picking
• More than 500 different backing tracks from pop, rock, blues, and heavy metal
• Proven and unique methodology to train your fine motor skills and muscle memory
• Basics in music theory that will help you to find your way on the fretboardWhat you learn with Fretello
• Possessing the power to phrase and apply scales and licks to backing tracks effectively
• Playing and improvising professional guitar sounding solos anytime
• Understanding scales, their modes, how they’re made and why they are important
• Being able to play them at the right time and in the right places, for any genre
• Knowing how scales and modes interact with chords and keys
Fretello covers the best guitar practice lessons and provides practical advice that you can immediately apply to your guitar playing. Download Fretello now and amplify
your guitar skills.

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