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For those who are fond of mind-blowing puzzle challenges, we have created the app that will change your perception of the notion of rubix games. You will be
able to train your brain and check the logic level with completely new attitude to puzzle solving. It is an involving game that will help you to kill the time with the
benefit of your brain activity. During work brakes or the long road trips, you will have the unusual entertainment. Despite the fact that to solve it you need to put more
affords because our mind is better in proceeding square figures rather than round ones, the app has both exciting and relaxing gameplay.
Who came up with the idea of the rubix cube substitution?
At the time of its emergence, rubix cubes became a sensation. Many players all over the world were excited with the complexity and smartness of this new puzzle. And even now
it remains one of the most popular toys. However, in 1995 the father of our General Manager started thinking of the improving of this challenge. He has advanced the claim to
make rubicks round rather than square. The idea was so inspiring that in 2006 he managed to create the first sample and in a year he applied for a patent. Due to the
complexity of this process, the required patent was approved only in 2012.
The twisty 3d sphere app for all!
The mass production of this toy has not started yet. But our General Manager was passionate to bring to life his father’s lifetime idea. Thanks to the constantly evolving
mobile technologies we have created the app based on this kubik idea! And now on people all over the world have a chance to download this app and within seconds receive
truly brain twisty 3d sphere. It is cheaper and more convenient way to distribute the new game to as many users as possible. Moreover, they will have access to it anytime
and elsewhere. You just need to have your smartphone with you!
What advantages of the new puzzle app?
The main benefit of using the application is that you can connect the cage to your social media account and share your achievements with friends and other players. Social
aspect makes the game even more challenging by bringing more competitive spirit. What is more, it has:
- realistic 3D-graphics creates involving entertaining and even magic atmosphere;
- relaxing meditative music helps to dive into the game entirely and to space out of the troubles of the real world;
- intuitive controls make it possible to everyone to figure out how to play this game;
- the multiple level gameplay for starters and for professionals.
Gameplay and solving algorithms
Despite the fact the idea of Lion's Sphere is connected with rubix cube, you will need to strain your brain in order to win. Luckily, even the complete “dummies” in this
type of puzzles will be able to play thanks to the level system. Start with two-color block sphere in order to get the ideal of the round puzzle. It has the same level of
complexity as 2x2 rubix cube.
After succeeding in solving the beginner’s level, you can move to the four-colored sphere and even eight-color one, the equivalents to 3x3 and 4x4 rubix respectively. There
is a number of approaches that can be effective in this challenge. Come up with your own to become the first world solver of the eight-block game.
Join the community of the puzzle lovers!
The social element of any game adds more excitement to the gaming process. You can challenge yourself for a while, but when you can compete with other people all over the
world it guarantees the involvement for a long time. Your task may be not only to solve the sphere but to reach the top place in the global ranking! You have a number of
parameters to become a leader – the best timer results or the lesser number of moves. That is how you can not only to conquer the sphere but to set the world record and
become famous in the game community. So do not waste your time and download the app for free now to start your own gaming path!

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