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The purpose of this app is to help everyone learn how to solve problems with number and letter sequences that are used in various tests and exams as IQ
Test or Job Aptitude Test. This apo may be usefull for all math lovers.
With Number Series Calculator you can learn how to find next and missing elements of letter and number series used in the IQ Tests, Math Tests, Job Aptitude Tests, skills
assessment test for employment etc. This app not only calculates the missing numbers and letters of the sequence, but also finds the formula and, in some cases, the name
of the sequence (Fibonacci Series, Arithmetic Progression, Geometric Progression etc) .
With Number Series Calculator you can
- calculate nth term of the sequence
- calculate Sum of the N Terms of the sequence
- analyze many different types of math series ( Fibonacci series , Arithmetic Sequence, Geometric Sequence etc. )
- find the next or missing term in a number sequence
- find the next or missing letter in a letter sequence
- search our online sequence database
- find arithmetic sequence formula
- calculate partial sums (a Partial Sum is the sum of part of the sequence)
- use simple math expressions. For example you can input 1/2, 2/3, ?/4, 4/?, 5/6
- calculate the nth item of the custom formula
- calculate the value of the custom formula
- copy and send results to other applications
Symbol ^ used to represent exponentiation. For example, 2^2 means 4 .
You can use this application to calculate your own math formula (javascript syntax).
For example, to calculate square numbers create custom formula and set expression to 'n * n'. If you want calculate sin or cos, create custom formula and set expression to
Math.sin(n) or Math.cos(n). You can use any javascript function.
You can calculate any recursive formula, for example, 'a[n-1] + a[n-2]' .
Number Series Calculator can use custom formulas to calculate the next and missing numbers in the number series.
In addition to the next and missing numbers of the sequence, the application determines its type and formula (pattern).
This app works in offline and online modes.
When connected to the Internet, the user can search for sequences in the database using special requests. In online mode you can search our number series database using a
question mark, for example, 1,?,?,4 or ?,?,3,4.
To solve problems with letter sequences, you need to select your alphabet in the settings.
If your alphabet is not in the list, select 'Other' and enter all the letters of your
alphabets separated by a comma in the field that follows the list of alphabets.
Example a, b, c, d, e, f, g.
This app may also be helpful in preparing for the next tests:
- online assessment test for jobs
- employment assessment test
- pre employment assessment test
- pre employment screening tests
- employment aptitude test
- skills assessment test for employment
Examples ( from IQ Test )
1. What number comes next in the arithmetic sequence ?
Next Number = 21
Sequence Name: Fibonacci Sequence
2. What number comes next in the math sequence ?
Next Number = 17
Sequence Name: Arithmetic Progression
3. What number comes next in the numeric sequence ?
Next Number = 64
Sequence Name: Geometric Progression
For best results, please, run application 2-3 times.

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