Cute Wallpapers Kawaii 4.04 [free]


With these cute wallpapers you can make your phone screen looks nice and modern!
Already tired of awful and identic cute wallpaper that you can find everywhere on the internet? Try this new app created especially to young people who don't want to be
boring and want to see new handpicked cute pics for their phone or tablet.
In this app you can find many kawaii wallpapers which are not connected by a common theme and which are created for teenage girls and boys.
You will find:
- Teenager Wallpapers & Teen Backgrounds
- Abstract Pics & Images and also Text Wallpapers
- Girly Wallpapers & Backgrounds
- Pink Wallpapers
- Kawaii Photos
- You can share these cute wallpapers and photos with friends in any messengers and apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and even Snapchat
- You can save your favourite kawaii wallpaper in your phone memory
- This wallpaper app supports many phones and tablets such as Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, S5, S6, S7, S8, Note, Note3, Note4, Google (Pixel & Nexus), Sony, Lenovo, Oneplus,
So, what are you waiting for? Download it and enjoy, these offline kawai wallpapers don't need internet!
These cute wallpaper are free and don't consume your internet bandwidth.
What is "kawaii"?
The word kawaii originally derives from the phrase 顔映し kao hayushi, which literally means "(one's) face (is) aglow," commonly used to refer to flushing or blushing of the
face. The second morpheme is cognate with -bayu in mabayui (眩い, 目映い, or 目映ゆい) "dazzling, glaring, blinding, too bright; dazzlingly beautiful" (ma- is from 目 me "eye") and
-hayu in omohayui (面映い or 面映ゆい) "embarrassed/embarrassing, awkward, feeling self-conscious/making one feel self-conscious" (omo- is from 面 omo, an archaic word for "face,
looks, features; surface; image, semblance, vestige"). Over time, the meaning changed into the modern meaning of "cute", and the pronunciation changed to かわゆい kawayui and
then to the modern かわいい kawaii. It is most commonly written in hiragana, かわいい, but the ateji, 可愛い, has also been appended. The kanji in the ateji literally translates to
"able to be loved, can/may love, lovable."

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  • Updated: 2019-10-13