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Catch the latest breaking national and world news in the Euronews app. Enjoy live streaming videos, live TV and VOD, top stories, headlines and various programmes on
Economy, Finance, Business, Sports, Politics and Culture!STAY IN THE KNOW
Euronews provides its audience with the latest breaking news from Europe and the rest of the world to help you navigate in the globalised media news universe. Get all the
latest news from the world of Politics, Economy, Business, Sports, Culture etc. Over 600 journalists work hard on a daily basis to make sure that you will be reading the
most factual and discussed stories.FOLLOW THE LIVE NEWS STREAM 24/7
Thanks to our VOD system, gain access to hundreds of videos in over 25 categories including the 360° videos to dive into the Point Of View experience. Watch the Euronews
TV channel and minimize the video to continue browsing through the app at your convenience. Discover the famous and unique 'No Comments' section that allows you to watch
videos and clips with no commentary and form your own personal opinion on the matter.PUSH NOTIFICATIONS BRING YOU THE BREAKING NEWS HEADLINES
Never miss a single piece of information ever again with news alerts directly on your phone. Receive helpful local and international headlines with linked articles via
Numerous programmes and reports are available within the app to broaden your horizons on such subjects as Economy, Politics, Finance, Sports, Science, High-Tech, Culture,
Cinema, Travel etc. with numerous videos and clips to stream.DISCOVER A DIFFERENT EUROPEAN POINT OF VIEW WITH EACH ARTICLE IN 12 LANGUAGES
Euronews is currently available in 12 languages with each of the articles covered by one of the 600 journalists of over 30 nationalities, who are here to provide you with
rich content every day. Each language stands for a distinctive European outlook on the same event.THE EURONEWS APP IS AVAILABLE IN 12 EDITIONS
• English
• Arabic
• French
• German
• Greek
• Hungarian
• Italian
• Persian
• Portuguese
• Russian
• Spanish
• TurkishABOUT US
Euronews is the most watched news channel in Europe. We cover world news from a European perspective, since 1993.
We reach 420 million homes in 161 countries and are available across all platforms (web, mobile, connected TVs, radio, YouTube, Google Glass, Flipboard…), as well as on
board airlines, cruise lines and in hotels.JOIN US ALSO ON
Thanks for your support and useful comments! We are building those apps for you and strive to enhance your experience using them: so don’t hesitate to share your ideas and
feedback anytime. We will listen and respond: [email protected] & DOWNLOAD THE EURONEWS APPS

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