Light Theremin 6.5 [free]


Create compelling ambient music with the light theremin - a sensor-based music instrument which uses readings from the device's light meter to modulate the
frequency of an oscillator, translating higher brightness into higher frequency.
This is, as far as I know, the first and only (working) light theremin instrument on Google play. Which I am proud of :)
♬ The app uses the device's light sensor (not proximity sensor), so consider the location of the device's light sensor when using it.
♬ Highly lit environment may be best for the light theremin, as it allows the most sensitivity. In a dim environment you can calibrate the light to a higher frequency using
the calibration buttons.
♬ Consider working with a flashlight or a lamp, directing it closer and further from the light sensor, or covering/revealing the sensor with your hand.
Working with a dimmer and fading the light in and out is a great option.
♬ Nice settings to try:
- Sin and Saw waves sounds best in my opinion.
- Blues and Hijaz scales has the most interesting color, with Pentatonic you can never go wrong.
- Changing the Reverb produces interesting results, try going through the whole scale.
- 25% - 75% Glissando for the ideal Theremin-like sound.
- Try experimenting with different tempos. You can play a drum loop with the same tempo as the Light Theremin and synchronize the two.
♬ Don't use near dogs in a highly lit environment. Be nice.
♬ Requires practice for good results, just like a real Theremin does!
Think you've mastered the art of the Light Theremin?
I would love to get a video of you playing it so I could feature it, with proper credit of course, on iLyich games' social media networks, and maybe even as the
demonstration video for this app!
Send it my way!
[email protected]
♬ You can play exact frequencies of tones in six different scales - Chromatic, Major, Minor, Blues, Pentatonic, and Makam Hijaz.
♬ Choose one of four different wave forms - Sine, Triangle, Square, Saw.
♬ Calibrate the theremin's frequency to your surrounding light ambient - The light reading will be translated to 440 / 880 / 1,320 Hz.
♬ Add per-recorded backing tracks in different styles and scales to enhance your jamming.
♬ Adjust the glissando - 1 / 18 / 65 / 120 / 450 ms.
♬ Adjust the tempo of the readings - 60, 120, 180, 240 bpm (e.g. 120bpm will send a reading every 500ms).
♬ Device won't go to sleep while the app is on, which is ideal for live performance.
♬ Mute button, Reset button.
♬ There is a (very basic) theremin game, featuring a light-controlled spaceship!
♬ This is a full-featured version with no in-app purchases, no freemium, and no intrusive ads (only a small banner ad at the bottom of the screen).
To make it all happen, the Light Theremin uses the following libraries:
★ T "timbre.js" (Synthesis)
★ Insomnia-PhoneGap-Plugin (Keep device awake)
★ cordova-plugin-lightsensor (light sensor readings)
★ Teoria.js (convert tones to frequency)
★ Phaser.js (UI)
Backing tracks are courtesy of NCTracks (
Icon image - Alexandra Stepanoff on NBC Radio, 1930.
Fork away -
There's no readme file but feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
This is part of a trilogy of apps that allow the user to create music based on Android sensors - completely touch-free.
The other iLyich Games' theremins available for free on Google Play are:
* Compass Theremin - Frequency is controlled by the device's gyroscope, turn around in circles to create music.
* Motion Theremin - Tilt your phone up and down to control the frequency, and sideways to affect the volume
Have fun,
Rate if you like!
[email protected]
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