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A common problem when you are learning a language is to remember the words you learned when you really need them. English Pill offers you the best way to learn a lot of
vocabulary and useful information you don't find in the textbooks, using a technique called "spaced repetition".
Spaced repetition has been proven to be the most effective way to retain information. As you revisit the same information at spaced intervals times, you increase the
chances you will be able to recall it later. The shorter the intervals, the better.
What are "pills"?
- Pills are encapsulated text fragments, containing a short piece of information that will add up to your vocabulary. Learn grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and a lot
more, in small bites.From playful to mindful, these pills will definitely give you something to think about and use in conversation.
What is ESL?
- ESL stands for English as a Second Language, where you study English without using translation, the same way native speakers do. It helps you to speak more naturally,
because it forces you to process the information directly in English and reinforces your contact with the language.
Pills available:
Jokes «» Proverbs «» Riddles «» Tongue-twisters «» Idioms «» Quotes «» Murphy's laws «» Symbols «» Adjectives «» Oxymora (oxymoron) «» Palindromes «» Philosophical
Questions «» Abbreviations «» Silent Letters «» Phrasal Verbs (new)
Main features:
- Over 1200 pills to significantly improve your skills
- Study tips: to help you learn a lot without studying
- Built-in browser: search image, meaning or translation in a second
- Quiz: test your knowledge and earn in-game currency
- Leaderboard: compete against other users and become a Top Patient
- Facebook authentication: sign in to interact with the growing community

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