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★Point1★ 選手の食生活をサポート



★Point2★ 『ルナルナ』※と連携した生理日予測




★Point3★ 連絡ツールにより煩雑な事務作業の効率化





【推奨OS ver.】
Android 8以上

"Atleta (Atlator)" is a service that habits daily condition management, enhances the self-management ability of players, and supports efficient growth.
Reduce the time and labor involved in the liaison work and office work required for the operation by various communication tools.
By facilitating communication between players and instructors and visualizing the situation of players who were hard to notice, guidance and practice menus can be
★ Point 1 ★ Supports eating habits of athletes
We support an important diet for athletes.
Calorie and nutrition balance are calculated automatically when you record diet contents with pictures and sentences.
We will not only record dietary content, we will also provide suggestions for diet improvement.
★ Point 2 ★ Physiological day prediction in cooperation with "Lunarna" ※
Cooperation with menstrual day management service "Lunarna".
You can check the menstruation start schedule date, the menstruation end scheduled date, the menstrual cycle.
By checking regularly in conjunction with meals and training, we can expect a lot of energy at lady athlete and prevention of menstrual abnormality.
※ Lunarna is a health support service for women's body and heart, including menstrual predictions, operated by MT Co., Ltd.
★ Point 3 ★ Improve the efficiency of cumbersome office work with contact tool
Sharing the schedule of practice games, contacting players / stakeholders, and senior management all at once.
It is freed from the trouble of communication by exercise notes and print distribution, which tends to be complicated.
【Precautions for use】
* To use this service, a user ID is required.
※ If your ID is unknown, please contact the person in charge of your organization.
* Depending on the team, some menus may be displayed differently.
[Recommended OS ver.]
Android 8 or more
※ If you use other than recommended OSver, there is a possibility of display collapse etc. occur. Please note.

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