Sudoku, online Radio,music,video play,stream Free 2.8 [free]


Sudoku App offers a range of game levels, selectable square size puzzles (2x2,2x3,3x3), selectable numbers or letter games, standard controls for the game.
Sudoku is a game where each row, column and each 3x3 square must contain numbers 1 to 9 or letters etc. Items can not be repeated in any row, column or 3x3 square.
App will stream live radio,music also play audio files from install device (automatically scanned and included in the Music-Music categories.).Play will stop and recomence
for incoming/outgoing calls and lower for notifications. Categories can be added,existing stations can be altered and new stations can be added.
Standard audio features(play,pause,stop,next,play cont.,shuffle play etc)(Currently it will not: stream from https sites,mu3,pls files.).Play a station by clicking a
station on the displayed station list.Play will commence once connected to site (connection dependant varies 3 seconds ~ 30 seconds).Playlists are created from displayed
files list once a statio/file is selected to be played. Notifications are created of current player states.Favorites adds the currently played station/file to the
favorites Category. Urls (not https,m3u,pls) can be added via the input box,click the add button station saved in the currently selected categories.Click the edit url and
Add buttons to alter currently playing url string and to add new categories.To add station to categories,select the categories,enter url string and click the plus(add)
button.To exit the app press the device back button(will also stop the radio).
lip/Card/Lotto sequence screen. Dev.: Walter Coppola email:[email protected] Website : Simply select game play from the list and then click the go
button.Pictures will be displayed for a random amount of time,sequence the final picture/result will be displayed once time has ended.The object if to guess the final
picture i.e. Select Coin, press go, a flipping coin will be displayed,final picture will be haeds or tails.Cards try and guess/get 4 in a row etc...
To Play the Game :- Select a level from the top buttons either Fair, Ok, Mid, Hard and Tough. Once selected numbers of the solution will appear in certain squares. (These
numbers can not be changed and are in Italic font.)To enter a number in a square,use the number dial or number buttons to select a number(note:hide the timer and wheel
numbers click the hide button on menu) ,then click on square. With each number change the numbers in the selected row and column display in white and at the bottom of the
screen the possible numbers for the row/column are displayed and the count of numbers in the grid. Keep on filling the empty squares and use the controls, described below
to help. To start a new game press the Clear button.
Controls Use :-
Game Levels :- Select the game level. Each level displays a different set of initial visible numbers. Fair displays the most. By going to the settings tab via the menu
allows adjust for the amount of numbers for the Tough level.
Undo :- Reverses the last number change in the square.
Hint :- Adds the next number solution in the grid which is empty.
Reveal :- Will display the full solution in the grid.
Clear :-  Clears the solution.
Check :- Will check and highlight any wrong numbers.
Hide :- Will hide the Number count and row/column possibilities at the bottom of the screen.
Think :- Disables the number input, allowing a player to click on a square and see the highlighted numbers and row/column possibilities.

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  • App Name: Sudoku, online Radio,music,video play,stream Free
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  • Updated: 2019-02-12