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Make great plans using Bisbee! Find nearby activities, or create your own. Send invitations, requests, and offers to your friends, family, clients, and colleagues.
Coordinate times, places, interests, needs, and groups.
Bisbee is an awesome activity planner. Stop texting to make plans, stop scrolling thru texts to find plans you already made, and stop re-entering plans into your
Keep track of your schedule, quickly create and review invitations, accept or decline, get reminders, directions and travel times, see who else is going, make comments,
upload photos, and share your current location. Get coupons and discounts for nearby businesses, events, and performances, to save money and get ideas for
Read our blog to learn more:
• Activities include babysitting, coffee, drinks, get togethers, meals, pet adoptions, rides, shopping, sports, study sessions, volunteering, and working out.
• See who has received, read, accepted, or declined an activity.
• Your Bisbee contacts include 1) all of the contacts on your device, 2) your Facebook friends that also use Bisbee, and 3) Bisbee users that were included in activities
with you.
• You can use Bisbee with someone even if they don’t use Bisbee yet. Bisbee will send them a text message instead, and you can accept or decline on their behalf.
• Activities automatically sync to your device’s calendar, if you turn that feature on in Settings.
• Copy an activity and only change what you need to, like the date.
• Forward an activity by copying it and adding your own contacts.
• Organize contacts into groups, to make them easy to find.
• If an activity has limited capacity, invite as many people as you want, and set the "Max Accepts" value to the limit. When people accept and the limit is reached, the
invitation automatically disappears for everyone else. If someone who accepted changes her mind and declines, the invitation automatically appears again to everyone
invited until the limit is reached once more.
• Get a reminder 30 minutes before an activity begins.
• See a timeline of your activities with short summaries. Click an activity for the full description.
• Type locations with autocomplete suggestions, or select from a map, or select from locations that you used before.
• Send a snapshot of your current location to everyone in an activity.

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